• Altanza Jabugo

    Altanza Jabugo

    Online Store of Iberian Hams from Jabugo at the Best Price.

    Altanza Jabugo is a winery registered with the Denomination of Origin Protected Jabugo Regulatory Council, being one of the best hams and shoulders in its category, which is the highest, and at a cheaper price than other hams with the same characteristics. And now you can buy it at Jamón Pasión directly from Huelva.

  • Arturo Sánchez

    Arturo Sánchez

    Iberico Ham and sausages Arturo Sánchez.

    Jamón Pasión offers you one of the best Acorn-fed Iberian Hams with careful attention in the selection of specimens and with twice the length of stay in the pastures than the rest of Iberian pigs. Long-cured artisan hams from Guijuelo, Salamanca.

  • Benito


    Iberico Hams and shoulder Hams Benito.

    In our online store of Hams and shoulders you have at your disposal one of the most appreciated hams by lovers of Serrano and Iberian ham . Products aged slowly in the cellar until reaching their optimum point of flavor and maturation.

  • Estanislao


    Guijuleo Stanislao hams.

    The Stanislao DOP Guijuelo Hams and Shoulders are obtained from 100% Iberian pigs raised in the open air and fed on pastures and acorns in the "Sierra de Francia" (Salamanca), a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Artisan Iberian products with centuries-old tradition.

  • Jamón de la Alpujarra

    Jamón de la Alpujarra

    Serrano hams under the guarantee seal "Jamón de la Alpujarra" . Pieces made in a very specific area of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park , under very demanding quality standards.

    Very healthy Spanish hams thanks to its low salt content and the total absence of preservatives, colorings or any other type of additive.

  • Jamón Pasión

    Jamón Pasión

    The Jamón Pasión Spanish Ham brand is characterised, both for Iberian hams and Serrano hams, by the marketing of products of the highest quality and the most appreciated by consumers, both nationally and internationally. Hams protected by the Protected Designation of Origin DOP Los Pedroches for acorn-fed iberico ham and shoulders and by the Protected Geographical Identification PGI Trevélez for Serrano ham.

  • Jamones Casa Conejos

    Jamones Casa Conejos

    Teruel and Ecological Hams Casa Conejos.

    In our Ham Store , we sell Casa Conejos products. A drying room that has been producing hams in a natural way for 3 generations. This company is a pioneer in the Spanish organic meat sector, with organic livestock certification.

    Within a privileged high mountain natural environment, Casa Conejos combines respect for the ecological values of slow production and quality , with the latest advances in certification and technological innovation of processes, in collaboration with research from several Spanish Universities.

  • Jamones de Baza

    Jamones de Baza

    100% Natural Grenadian Serrano Hams.

    In our Ham and Shoulder Online Store we offer you totally natural pieces, without additives or preservatives. Baza hams, cured in a natural way, only with salt and dried in a traditional way in the Sierra de Baza. 

  • Jamones de Juviles

    Jamones de Juviles

    Juviles Ham: The authentic Alpujarra Ham

    In our online Ham and Shoulder Store you can buy Juviles Hams cured naturally by the winds from the high peaks of Sierra Nevada. Perniles de la Alpujarra 100% Natural, without additives or artificial preservatives.

  • Jamones de Serón

    Jamones de Serón


    We recommend you to visit Trevélez spanish hams. Serrano hams with Protected Geographical Identification made in Sierra Nevada (Granada) and totally free of additives.

    Serrano hams and shoulders from La Alpujarra Almeriense.

    Serón , a town in the Alpujarra Almeriense with a centuries- old ham tradition , located in the Sierra de los Filabres and presided over by the Altas Cumbres de Sierra Nevada, offers the best environment and weather for the production of some of the best 100% natural Serrano hams.

  • Jamones de Trevélez

    Jamones de Trevélez

    Hams and shoulders with Protected Geographical Indication Trevélez

    Buy Trevélez Hams and Shoulders. Pieces cured in natural drying rooms in the Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada. 100% natural, without additives or preservatives. Handcrafted hams.

  • Jamones Ibéricos 10 Vetas

    Jamones Ibéricos 10 Vetas

    100% Iberico Bellota Jabugo Spanish Hams.

    In our online store you can buy 10 Vetas Acorn-fed Iberian Hams , produced by Sánchez Romero Carvajal, together with 5 Jotas. A high quality 100% pure Iberian product.

    Several studies certify that Iberian ham provides a series of benefits to our body, and especially if it is fed with acorn and wild fruits.In fact, a study by the Ramón y Cajal Hospital proclaims that it does not make us fat, does not raise triglycerides or favors the hypertension.

  • Jamones Ibéricos 5 Jotas

    Jamones Ibéricos 5 Jotas

    Sale 100% Iberico Bellota 5 Jotas Hams.

    At Jamon Pasion Spanish Ham Store we offer you the best pieces of 100% Iberico 5 Jotas hams  from pigs raised in freedom and fed with acorn and natural pastures, selected directly from the drying caves.

  • Jamones Ibéricos Capa Negra

    Jamones Ibéricos Capa Negra

    Iberian Hams and Shoulders Capa Negra


    We recommend you to have a look at the Iberian hams with the best quality/price ratio in this section.

  • Jamones Ibéricos La última dehesa

    Jamones Ibéricos La última dehesa

    Iberico Hams and Porc Shoulders "Diamante Negro"

    The Diamante Negro Iberian pig hams and shoulders from La Ultima Dehesa are obtained from pigs raised in total freedom in the Sierra de Huelva throughout their life stage, which makes them enjoy a state of harmony and relaxation of which few are the lucky ones.

  • Jamones Ibéricos Majada Pedroches

    Jamones Ibéricos Majada Pedroches

    Iberivo Ham PDO Valle de los Pedroches.

    Buying Iberico ham from Los Pedroches is a sure hit. Products under the Protected Designation of Origin Valle de los Pedroches and certified as 100% Iberian pork fed with acorn in the pasture. With a natural curing of more than 36 months in natural drying rooms in Villanueva de Córdoba.

  • Jamones Ibéricos Sánchez Romero Carvajal

    Jamones Ibéricos Sánchez Romero Carvajal

    Sánchez Romero Carvajal 100% Iberico Bellota

    The Jamón Pasión online store offers one of the most exquisite Pata Negra Iberico Hams and shoulder ham obtained from 100% Iberico porks, fed on acorns and wild pastures. Raised in freedom in the meadows.

  • jamones Lazo

    jamones Lazo

    Acorn Ham and Shoulder 100% Iberico Lazo

    Buy Acorn-fed ham and shoulder ham 100% Iberian breed Lazo "Summun" with Protected Denomination of Origin Jabugo, cured in a natural wooden dryer. 100% natural, without additives or preservatives.

  • Jamones Oro Viejo

    Jamones Oro Viejo

    Family business determined to make Iberian hams and shoulders since 1950 in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Biosphere Reserve Natural Park.

    Each piece is made with the utmost respect for the animal and for the product, resting in natural dryers for a long time with slow and controlled curing.

    They make PDO Jabugo Iberian ham and shoulder, one of the most demanded and internationally known Protected Designations of Origin. Iberian acorn-fed Pata Negra shoulders and hams and 100% Iberian Cebo de Campo.

  • JamonRey


    Iberian Hams and Shoulders "JamonRey".

    The Iberian products of "JamonRey" are obtained from pigs raised in freedom in the pastures of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Huelva), which with the exceptional climate and fresh mountain air, very high quality pieces are made .

  • Joselito



    We recommend one of the best 100% natural acorn-fed iberico hams with no additives in this section.

    Joselito Gran Reserva Ham

    Talking about Joselito Iberico Hams, is talking about one of the best hams in the world. Hams with fat infiltrate with a higher proportion than most, giving it more smoothness and flavor. Iberian products with long natural curing (more than 36 months) and requiring little salt, obtaining slightly sweet pieces, with a powerful aroma and mild flavor.

  • Morato


    Iberian hams and sausages from Extremadura.

    High quality hams and shoulders achieved thanks to years of experience, generation after generation and processes to achieve mastery in flavor, elegance in the cut and above all the soul of Extremadura. Delve into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

    Delight your senses with the Extremaduran Iberian sausages that you can buy at the Jamón Pasión store.

  • Señorío de las Cumbres

    Señorío de las Cumbres

    100% natural Serrano hams "Señorío de las Cumbres! Under the seal of guarantee ETG (Guaranteed Traditional Specialty) Ham made by artisanal procedure in the Sierra de Baza Natural Park under very demanding quality standards. Now in Offer spanish Ham 7-7.5 kg without additives, ham holder, knife and Iberian chorizo for only € 89.99.

    Organic Serrano hams very healthy without additives thanks to its low salt content and the total absence of preservatives, colorings and nitrifiers.