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Iberivo Ham PDO Valle de los Pedroches.

Buying Iberico ham from Los Pedroches is a sure hit. Products under the Protected Designation of Origin Valle de los Pedroches and certified as 100% Iberian pork fed with acorn in the pasture. With a natural curing of more than 36 months in natural drying rooms in Villanueva de Córdoba.

Buy Acorn-fed Ham Majada Pedroche.

In our online store of Iberico Hams we put at your disposal directly from the pasture located in Villanueva de Córdoba, a privileged place for the breeding of the Iberian acorn-fed pig , an excellent quality ham. Made in an artisanal way, the legacy of 4 generations that treat the animal with the utmost respect, and the product, in the subsequent production of the ham, under the highest quality standards.

We also offer you 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder ham under the same Protected Designation of Origin Valle de los Pedroches .

Acorn-fed Ham and Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed.

Selected pieces of limited production. Made under a warm climate, where pigs search for food surrounded by centuries-old holm oaks to achieve enough quality so that Majada Pedroche Iberian Hams continue to be one of the greatest gastronomic jewels in Spain and increasingly in European countries.

These 50% Iberian breed hams , obtained from the crossing of female 100% Iberian pigs and male 100% Duroc pigs, will make you enjoy a lot. The sensation of juiciness that is achieved when chewing thanks to the release of intramuscular fat on the palate, together with the aroma with nuances of fruits and wild herbs from the field.

100% Iberico Hams and Sausages.

In Majada Pedroche they continue to use traditional techniques together with the latest technologies to offer 100% quality guarantee in their products.

They have more than 120 hectares of pasture, a place known as “Majada de la Vega” in the Los Pedroches Valley. Pigs have enough space for proper development, exercise and feeding, the latter essential so that they offer us the infiltrated fat that makes this breed unique in the world.

All Los Pedroches PDO Iberian hams are made from the same unique raw material, such as 100% purebred Iberian acorn-fed pork .

Sausages such as Salchichón, chorizo and Iberian pork loin , follow the same rigor in their elaboration from pure-breed Iberian specimens.

Keep in mind that from Jamón Pasión we will send all your orders directly from the natural drying rooms, with which you can buy cheaper Iberico hams .