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Buy Boneless Iberico Pork Shoulder | Jamón Pasión

Buying a boneless shoulder is a decision with many advantages, especially in terms of convenience and price. In addition, it maintains the quality and flavour of the shoulder from which it comes. For example, if we are dealing with a 100% Bellota Iberian shoulder, its boneless version will continue to be a product of the utmost exclusivity. 

Buy a Boneless Spanish Ham Shoulder

We select the best pieces of Boneless pork Shoulder with a perfect maturation directly from the producers and breeders to guarantee our customers high quality products. Starting from the same pieces that you can buy of whole Iberian pork shoulders and Serrano shoulder hams, i.e. with leg, we simply remove the bone, keeping the whole piece. When the bone is removed from the cured shoulder, it will obviously weigh considerably less. The weight that you will see reflected in the product is all meat, ready to cut and eat without any waste.

In the Jamón Pasión shop, all our products are sent directly from the factory, so you can buy cheaper pork shoulders. All boneless shoulders are vacuum packed and cleaned of skin and impurities, ready to taste. The boneless Iberian ham shoulders are prepared at the same time of purchase, so you will receive at home a freshly prepared piece, keeping all its texture and aroma.

You have at your disposal a wide range of products. From Cebo ibérico to Acorn-fed iberico ham shoulders.

90% of our boneless serrano ham shoulders are free of additives and preservatives, produced in the Sierra Nevada National Park and in the Sierra de Baza Natural Park, both in the province of Granada. All of them are 100% natural.

The best boneless Iberico pork shoulders online

At Jamón Pasión we only sell the highest quality boneless Spanish ham shoulders. For this reason, our online shop is committed to the different categories of Iberian pork. That is to say, we have products labelled as Cebo and Cebo de Campo. And of course, we also have boneless Bellota shoulder hams made from the best pigs: those that live outdoors in pastures and take advantage of the resources that this provides for their diet, such as herbs and acorns, in the case of 100% Iberian acorn shoulder hams, also known as pata negra iberico hams shoulder.

In a boneless Bellota shoulder, the purity of the breed is between 50%, 75% and 100%, as required by law. These are very high quality shoulders that anyone, even if they have no experience with these products, will appreciate the intensity of their flavour and aroma.

However, we remind you that you can also buy boneless Spanish hams in our online shop; from boneless serrano ham totally free of additives and 100% natural, highlighting the Trevélez ham and Los Pedroches boneless ham.

Why buy the Boneless Iberian Shoulder?

There are several reasons why you might want to buy a boneless pork shoulder. For many, convenience is the most important factor, as it is much easier to slice the meat, but bear in mind that you will need a domestic slicing machine to slice a boneless ham. For others, the most decisive advantage is saving space in the kitchen, as not all of them can accommodate a ham holder and its corresponding piece, be it ham or shoulder.

Less expert cutters also choose the boneless shoulder because it allows them to optimise the yield of the piece, as only true professionals know how to properly extract every gram of meat. And it is also a more convenient option for those who do not use the bones and rind for other culinary uses, such as broths.

Of course, the economic factor is also important for those who buy a boneless shoulder. It is true that, in this format, the price per kilogramme is higher than for a whole piece. However, the lower total weight of the product means that the final price is lower. Finally, this option is also cheaper than its alternative, boneless ham.