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Buy Serrano Ham at BEST PRICE【Jamón Pasión】

In Jamón Pasión we select the very best pieces of serrano ham with the perfect maduration, and we put them on sale in our online store. Not only can you acquire our serrano ham but also a knife-cut serrano ham for us. Go to our website and have a look!

Serrano Ham Direct from the factory.

We select the best pieces of Serrano Ham with a perfect maturation directly from the producers and farmers to guarantee our customers high quality hams such as the Spanish hams from Trevélez, 100% natural, without additives, as well as the jamon serranos from Juviles. We also have Teruel DOP hams, as well as Señorío de Las Cumbres natural hams, also produced in a natural way, just ham and salt.

Buy Serrano Hams.

We offer in our online jamon store IGP Products (Protected Geographical Indication) Serrano Hams from Trevélez and Serón without additives; as well as Duroc hams. In our online store Jamón Pasión you have the option of acquiring knife-cut Serrano ham, you can buy the Spanish Serrano Ham at the best price and with cheap shipping. 90% of our products in this section are 100% Natural Serrano hams.

Buy Serrano Ham Online

At Jamón Pasión we are passionate about our Serrano hams, Iberian hams and Iberian acorn-fed hams (jamón bellota) and if you buy serrano ham you will understand why. We select the very best pieces of Serrano ham leg with perfect maturation and we always deal directly with the ham producers and farmers themselves, in order to guarantee our customers the very best quality hams such as Trevélez hams and Teruel PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) hams, not to mention our best-selling Gran Reserva ham from the Extremadura region in south-west Spain. Our online store visitors can buy serrano ham in a selection of PGI products (Protected Geographical Indication), such as 100% natural, additive-free hams from Trevélez (a village in the province of Granada, Andalusia, Southern Spain) and Serón (a small town in the province of Almería, Andalusia), as well as distinguished and distinctive Duroc hams.

Our online store offers knife-cut Serrano ham at reasonable prices and very low shipping rates. The vast majority of our Serrano ham products available for purchase, 90%, are 100% natural Serrano hams, such as our “Baza” produced Gran Reserva Duroc Serrano Ham, or our “Casa Conejos” branded Duroc Serrano Ham from Teruel, a high-altitude town in the mountainous Aragon region of eastern Spain. Buy serrano ham at our online store today.

What is Serrano Ham?

In Spanish gastronomy, cured ham has for a very long time been a fan favourite when it comes to Christmas shopping, special occasions or significant events. The term Serrano ham is a Spanish term, whereas prosciutto is Italian, and both are cured meats. Spanish ham is always cured with the leg, although once the curing process is complete, the ham can easily be boned. Spanish cured ham has a powerful flavour and texture – when the bone is not removed, it gives the product a more distinctive taste and aroma. Production areas are very extensive, since we are talking about a very traditional product with a long history. It has always been made right in the family home. Not too long ago, in fact, it was very typical for families to raise their pigs and make jamón serrano themselves for their own personal consumption. Today this continues to be done, although of course the majority of ham production has since been professionalised for the mass market. Buy Iberico Ham at our online store and find it out.

The most recognised type is the Trevélez ham, characterised by its 100% natural curing, with no additive and protected by the Jamón de Trévelez PGI, or Protected Geographical Indication. In the province of Granada, Baza hams are also seen as prestigious and are produced naturally, with no additives, giving them a unique flavour. We also have the Serrano de Serón hams, belonging to the PGI Jamón de Serón, located in the geographical area of Alpujarra of Almería, in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain. You can also buy Bellota Iberico ham at our online store and discover its flavour.

Cheap and Quality Serrano Ham

Visiting the Jamón Pasión online store at will allow you to buy any ham or Serrano pork shoulder to take home and enjoy with your family. Our Serrano ham is of such high quality and can be sold at such competitive prices because we keep our hams resting in their place of origin, in natural cellars, and they are sent straight from their production areas, with no distributors or intermediaries along the way. Our wide range of cheap Serrano hams on offer on includes certified organic hams and our popular 100% natural hams, free from additives or preservatives.

Visit our store for the full range of cheap Serrano ham products. Choose from customer favourites such as our 100% natural “Baza” produced Reserva Serrano ham, or our premium quality 100% certified organic “Casa Conejos” Serrano ham. You might also be interested in our ham accessories, such as our best-selling “3 Claveles” stainless steel ham holder and knife pro.

Therefore, if you want to buy a serrano ham or a pork shoulder (Paleta) on offer without sacrificing quality, take a quick look at the products in this category on our website.