Jamón de la Alpujarra

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Serrano hams under the guarantee seal "Jamón de la Alpujarra" . Pieces made in a very specific area of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park , under very demanding quality standards.

Very healthy Spanish hams thanks to its low salt content and the total absence of preservatives, colorings or any other type of additive.

Buy Serrano Ham from Granada

The most important peculiarity and requirement to make pork shoulders and hams with this distinctive is that only two ingredients can be used: Ham and Salt.

La Alpujarra is a region located within the Sierra Nevada, to which municipalities of both Granada and Almería belong, referring to the Alpujarra of Granada or the Alpujarra Almeriense , where hams have been made for centuries.

The special geographical location, the weather, the natural and artisan process with which these hams have been made for generations, have resulted in a ham with unique characteristics and flavor.

This work of so many ham artisans since ancient times has always associated the name of the Alpujarra with a natural and quality product.

It has nothing to envy the Jamones de Trevélez , since they are made under the same process and the same geographical area, with the difference that this way you can buy cheaper Serrano hams.

In the Jamón Pasión online store, we have several 100% natural hams , free of additives and preservatives.

Protected by the Guarantee Mark of "Jamón de la Alpujarra" we offer you the Hams with the trade name "Aroma", where we offer you 3 different ranges:

-Jamón Serrano Reserva +16 months of natural curing.

-Jamón Serrano Gran Reserva +18 months of natural curing.

-Ham Duroc +24 months of natural curing.

The geographical area of production and labeling is delimited and made up of the following municipalities in the La Alpujarra region:

Alboloduy, Albondón, Albuñol, Alcolea, Alhabia, Alhama de Almería, Alicún, Almegíjar, Almócita, Alpujarra de la Sierra, Alsodux, Bayarcal, Beires, Bentarique, Berchules, Berja, Bubión, Busquistar, Cádiar, Canjáyar, Cañarunas, Capileira, Caratayar , Cástaras, Dalías, Fondón, Gualchos, Huécija, Illar, Instinción, Juviles, Lanjarón, Laujar de Andarax, Lobras, Lújar, Murtas, Nevada, Ohanes, Orgiva,, Padules, Pampaneria, Paterna del Rio, Polopos, Pórtugos, Rágol, Rubite, Santa Cruz de Marchena, Soportujar, Sorvilán, La Taha, Terque, Torvizcón, Trevélez, Turón, Ugíjar and Válor.

One of the most beautiful regions in Spain with an exceptional climate for the natural curing of the best Serrano hams .