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Buy Best Spanish Iberico Cebo and Cebo de Campo Hams【Jamón Pasión】

Iberico Ham Shoulders

Buy Cebo de Campo and Cebo Iberico Ham shoulders.

In Jamón Pasión we only select Iberico Ham Shoulders of great quality. In this Section you can buy iberico hams with an excellent balance of flavor and texture.

Cured jamon iberico "Cebo de Campo" is obtained from Iberian pigs fed with a mixed diet of wild grass present in the pastures, fodder and grain legumes; the Cebo ones they fed with cereal and legumes. The iberian Pigs of Cebo they offer a milder flavor.

At Jamón Pasión we only select high quality Iberico Ham shoulders. In this Section you can buy iberico pork shoulders from the best brands with an excellent balance in flavor and texture.

The Iberian shoulders of Cebo de Campo are obtained from Iberian pigs fed with a mixed diet of wild grasses present in the meadows, acorns, legumes and cereals; those of bait feed on cereals and legumes. Iberian fattening pigs offer a milder flavor.

We choose for our clients the most balanced pieces of Cebo de Campo Iberico Ham (formerly called "Recebo": Pigs fed with a mixed diet of feed, cereals and wild fruits and herbs), and Cebo Iberian Ham (feed based on feed and legumes) to guarantee their quality.

In this section of the Spanish Hams online store you have at your disposal an extensive range of the best Iberian pork shoulders. We offer guaranteed and certified products according to the legal regulations on Iberian hams and loin.

We work directly with the producers and select the best pieces to guarantee the best balance of each one. Here you can buy Cebo Iberian hams 50% Iberian Breed and Cebo de Campo hams 75% and 50% Iberian Breed; white flange and green flange respectively.

Sale of pork shoulders at the best price.

Since all our Pork Shoulders are sent directly from the natural dryers located in the place of origin of production, they will always be in the best conditions. Therefore, since there is no type of intermediary, you can buy the cheapest ham shoulders.

It has the best producers, such as those of Embutidos Morato, awarded on numerous occasions for the best Jamon Iberico.

Benito hams, internationally known or hams from small producers who pamper their products in detail located in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Huelva.

We also offer the best pieces made in Extremadura and Guijuelo. Buying at Jamón Pasión is a guarantee that you will get very high quality shoulders.