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The Iberico Spanish ham shoulder, which is popularly known by the name of Paleta ibérica, is an unbeatable option for lovers of Iberian ham and who also want to save on their purchase. This can be seen in the Jamón Pasión online store , where we sell these high-quality products at a very low price. We offer you guaranteed and certified products according to the legal regulations on Iberian ham, pork shoulder and pork loin.

What is an Iberico pork shoulder and what variety do we offer at Jamón Pasión?

An Iberian shoulder is a piece of meat that comes from the front limbs of the Iberian pig, unlike Iberian ham, which comes from the hind limbs. This piece is highly appreciated in Spanish gastronomy due to its delicious flavor and characteristic texture.

On the other hand, the Iberian pig is a breed of pig native to the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal. In this section of our online store you can find a variety of Iberian shoulders based on the different categories sold and production areas.

Categories: Cebo and Cebo de Campo pork shoulders.

We offer you both Iberian bait shoulder, as well as Iberian bait shoulder. Despite the fact that the two categories of pork shoulders come from Iberian breeds, they differ in their diet and breeding .

The Iberico cebo de campo shoulders are obtained from Iberian pigs fed with a mixed diet composed of wild grasses present in the field, legumes and cereals. On the other hand, the Iberian pigs destined for the production of Iberian ham or Iberico Cebo shoulders are raised on intensive farms, on farms, and feed on cereals and legumes.

At Jamón Pasión, the master ham maker individually selects each piece directly from the natural drying sheds, both the Cebo Iberico and the Cebo de Campo Iberico shoulders, to guarantee its quality.

Variety in breed purity

As in cured hams, Iberian shoulders can have a percentage of racial purity that ranges between 50%, 75% and 100% Iberian. Purebred pigs are normally used to make acorn-fed hams and shoulders, and although you can find 100% Iberian Cebo and Cebo de campo shoulders, the most common is that within this category, which are identified with the seal white and green, respectively, and the Iberian percentage of pigs in this category is 50%.

Variety of producers and distinguished brands

We have the best producers, such as those of Embutidos Morato, awarded on numerous occasions for the best Iberico hams.

Benito hams , internationally known. Hams from small producers who pamper their products located in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, Huelva, or the magnificent Iberian shoulders without additives from Jamones de Juviles, made in the Alpujarra de Granada.

We also offer you the best pieces made in Extremadura and Salamanca. Buying at Jamón Pasión is a guarantee that you will get very high quality shoulders.

Price of Iberico Ham shoulder in Jamón Pasión

The price of an Iberian shoulder ham depends on several factors, including:

  • Feeding: The price is lower if they have been fed only with feed and higher if wild grasses have been included in their diet.
  • Its category: The Iberian shoulder is cheaper if it is Cebo and a little more expensive if it is Cebo de Campo.
  • Of course, the weight of the shoulder and the curing time also come into play, which is usually longer in an ibérico cebo de campo shoulder than in a Cebo one.

However, the price of an Iberian shoulder ham is always lower than usual at Jamón Pasión. Because? Mainly because we work directly with the producers , in such a way that the Iberian ham shoulder that you receive at home will arrive directly from the dryer, avoiding the intervention of intermediaries.

In our store you will find one of the best 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork shoulders with Protected Designation of Origin Jamón de Los Pedroches at an incomparable price.

It should also be noted that at Jamón Pasión we launch numerous promotions and offers, so the price of your Iberian shoulder ham may have an additional discount. For all these reasons, our website is the right place to buy an Iberian ham shoulder or ham, whatever the category and DOP you are looking for.

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How does the Iberico shoulder differ from the acorn-fed Iberian and the serrano ones?

The Iberian shoulder, the Iberian acorn-fed shoulder and the Serrano shoulder can have significant differences. The differentiation factors are the breed, food and breeding, and the healing period of each type. The choice between these options will depend on the preferences and budget of each consumer.

The Iberico pork shoulder comes from Iberian pigs and can have different categories depending on their diet, such as Iberian Cebo, Iberian Cebo de Campo or acorn-fed.

Within the paleta iberico, the acorn-fed iberico pork shoulder comes from Iberian pigs raised in the wild and fed mainly with acorns and natural resources during the montanera. Due to its feeding, breeding, and prolonged curing time, the acorn-fed shoulder acquires a superior quality and flavor.

On the other hand, the Iberian cebo de campo shoulders are obtained from Iberian pigs fed with a mixed diet of wild grasses present in the field, legumes and cereals, while the cebo pigs are raised on intensive farms and feed on cereals and legumes

In contrast to the Iberian shoulders, the Serrano shoulder comes from white pigs, and can be without crosses, such as the Duroc or with crosses of different breeds such as Landrace, Large White, Pietrain and the same Duroc.

It does not belong to the Iberian breed and its diet is based on feed and other foods and it is usually raised on farms, with the exception of some producers who make a difference by raising their pigs in semi-freedom. Therefore, it is a cheaper option.

How is the Iberian shoulder different from the Iberian ham?

While the Iberico shoulder comes from the front legs, the Iberico ham comes from the hind legs. Each one differs in size, curing time, flavor and texture, which has an impact on the final price of the product.

  • Size: The shoulder is smaller and shorter than the ham, since the front limbs are smaller than the hind limbs.
  • Taste and texture: The Iberian ham shoulder has a texture and flavor similar to that of Iberian ham, this being more powerful, due to the greater infiltration of fat, but without so many nuances. For its part, Iberico ham has a more complex flavor, with more subtle and delicate nuances due to its larger size and general curing time.
  • Price: The Iberian shoulder is more affordable for the pocket, but its yield is lower than that of a ham, as it has a higher percentage of fat.

In any case, pork shoulder and Iberico ham share similar organoleptic properties, such as flavor, aroma and texture, with a perfect blend of strength and subtlety. And of course, with all the healthy properties of this breed, such as its high Omega-3 content.

How long will it take for the order to arrive?

Shipments are made the business day after the purchase and usually take time to reach the respective addresses within 24/48 business hours , which the overall calculation if we count from the time of purchase can be up to 72 hours. No deliveries are made on Saturdays.

Local holidays must be taken into account, as all hams are shipped directly from the producers' factories.

International shipments take around 5/6 business days from the departure date, which will also be the business day after purchase.

Some formats, such as boneless, sliced ham or a specific brand, may have a longer delivery time, as specified in the file for each product.

In the Christmas season, delivery times could suffer delays due to the high volume of work of transport agencies.

The shipment tracking will always be sent to the e-mail so that at all times you know the expected delivery date.

How to preserve the ham shoulder?

It is important to locate the shoulder blade in a place away from sunlight and out of the reach of devices that emit heat. Once started, cover the cut part with plastic wrap and drop a clean kitchen towel on top.

Never keep the ham with the cover or totally covered, since it must be given air so that humidity that could spoil the meat is not created.

How to carve an Iberico shoulder ham at home?

Carving an Iberian pork shoulder at home and being able to take advantage of 100% of the meat is not impossible, but it does require some skill. Shoulders can be a little more difficult to cut than hams due to the morphology of the leg, but we encourage you to practice, as there is nothing better than eating freshly cut Iberian shoulder meat.