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Buy Spanish Bellota Iberico Ham【Online Store】

All our products have the highest quality, and our iberian acorn-fed ham is not an exception. The iberian acorn-fed ham is a kind of ham that all our customers just love. If you want to try first-hand this incredible flavor you just have to go to our online store and buy a piece of this ham. You won’t regret it!

Exquisite Bellota Iberico ham Leg.

Selection direct to the producer of the best acorn-fed ham 100% Iberian pure of bellota (Pata Negra ham), 75% Iberian Acorn-fed and 50% Iberian Acorn-fed to guarantee our clients the very best quality. All the pigs fed at the base of grasses and wild fruits and acorns, enjoyed during their whole fattening stage of total freedom of movement for the meadows, which gives them, along with feeding a distinguished and distinctive quality, aroma and taste.

Pata Negra Iberico Ham Store.

Whole hams sent directly from the factory, in natural drying sheds located in the place of origin of the production, will always be in the best conditions. Therefore, as there is no middleman, you can buy the cheapest pata negra hams.

It has the best producers, such as the Majada Pedroche Spanish Bellota iberico hams with protected designation of origin Los Pedroches and 100% natural, without additives. Prestigious brands such as Morato hams, which have won international awards. 

Benito Pata Negra 100% Iberian ham, internationally famous and very affordable compared to other brands, or hams from small producers who pamper their products located in the Sierra de Aracena y los Picos de Aroche, in Huelva.

Jamón de bellota Diamante negro, awarded at European level as the best 100% Iberian ham.

We also offer the best pieces produced in Extremadura and Guijuelo, such as the Arturo Sánchez double mountain ham. Buying at Jamón Pasión is a guarantee that you will get top quality products.

Where to buy Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

Jamón Pasión’s selection of Iberian acorn-fed ham is made from pigs fed a healthy mix of grass, wild fruits and acorns. During the entire fattening stage they are left free to roam the meadows, giving the final ham a distinguished and distinctive quality, aroma and taste. Our hams are sent straight from the factory, from their natural drying rooms located in the same place of production, ensuring the highest quality and the lowest prices, as we do not work with any intermediary or distributors. Our collaborations with local producers and farmers extend to award-winning brands such as the prestigious Embutidos Morato, prized for their distinguished jamón ibérico (Iberian ham).

Other brands we work with include 5 Jotas and Sánchez Romero Carvajal. We also partner with Benito Hams, a well-known producer both regionally and internationally, as well as smaller independent acorn-fed ham producers located in the mountainous Andalusian region of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, in Huelva. We’re also proud to be working with Black Diamond Hams, well-known at a European level for their exquisite 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham. As for their origins, our products derive from Extremadura and Guijuelo, a town in the province of Salamanca, in the Spanish autonomous region of Castile and León.

The uniqueness of Iberian Acorn-Fed Ham

Buying your ham from Jamón Pasión is a guarantee that you’re getting the highest quality ham. Proof of this is the fact that our products have four Protected Designation of Origin indications available in Spain: Dehesa de Extremadura, Jabugo, Guijuelo and Los Pedroches. Iberian (Ibérico) ham is different from other cured meats produced in Spain, as it’s smell, consistency and taste are specific to the breed of pig and its diet. Even within the category of Iberian ham, there are differences according to what kind of diet they have been fed. Iberian ham in general originates from pigs that have been reared out in the open air, in pastures and meadows, and that have been fed mainly on wild fruits, herbs and acorns during the montanera season – from October to February, coinciding, directly with the time of maturation of the acorn. It is almost always the middle of October when the pigs are taken to the Dehesa, or Iberian pastureland, to graze and if the season is good, the phase extends until the end of March.

The category of Iberian hams includes acorn-fed hams of Spanish origin, of both 75% and 50% Iberian breed, as well as those of 100% racial purity, also known as Pata Negra (literally “Black Leg” – this is black-label ham sourced from acorn-fed pure-bred Black Iberian pork). The diet and aging of Pata Negra and non-Pata Negra hams does not differ – the only distinguishing feature is the degree of racial purity. It is to be noted that the pigs have access to acorns only during the montanera season (October to February/March), while the rest of the year while still enjoying the outdoors and grazing in the field, they are fed with cereals and legumes.

Spanish Acorn-Fed Ham Prices

Jamón Pasión’s ham products come in a wide selection of prices to suit all customer needs. One of our most premium products is our prized 5 Jotas 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham. For more price conscious consumers, we also offer our fantastic Morato branded 50% Iberian acorn-fed jamón ibérico ham or even a wide range of Serrano hams, such as our 100% natural, additive-free “Jamón de Juviles” Reserve Serrano ham.

We recommend "Jamón Pasión" PDO Los Pedroches 100% Acorn-fed Iberico ham from pigs reared in the wild throughout their lives and fed on acorns and wild grasses during the "montanera" season. An authentic DOP Los Pedroches ham at the best price without competition.

Also available to visitors of our online store are spanish acorn-fed ham accessories, including our popular stainless steel ham holder and knife “3 Claveles”, or our case of professional Spanish ham knives. Feel free to browse our online store at your leisure – you’ll find dedicated sections for hams, sausages, pork shoulders, accessories, packs and baskets and much more.