Jamones de Baza

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100% Natural Grenadian Serrano Hams.

In our Ham and Shoulder Online Store we offer you totally natural pieces, without additives or preservatives. Baza hams, cured in a natural way, only with salt and dried in a traditional way in the Sierra de Baza. 

Buy Serrano Ham Without additives.

Baza Serrano Hams are made in the foothills of Sierra Nevada and Sierra de los Filábres, Granada, a privileged place for curing Serrano hams; since its altitude above sea level, with fresh, pure and clean air; its climate with cold and dry winters and hot and equally dry summers, make for a microbial flora that does not exist elsewhere and is favorable for high quality ham.

In Jamón Pasión we sell, directly from the producers, both Serrano hams and shoulders with the quality guarantee label "Guaranteed Traditional Specialty".

These are the Serrano Hams and Shoulders to buy in our online store:

- Serrano Ham Duroc Gran Reserva "BAZA"

- Serrano Ham Gran Reserva "BAZA"

- Serrano Ham Reserva "BAZA"

- Pork Shoulder Ham Duroc "BAZA" 

Cheap Serrano hams

In passion ham we can offer you unbeatable prices, since we work directly with the farmer-producer, with which you can benefit by acquiring a cheap serrano ham with exquisite organoleptic properties and investing in health as they are pieces totally free of additives and artificial preservatives.