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Iberico Hams and shoulder Hams Benito.

In our online store of Hams and shoulders you have at your disposal one of the most appreciated hams by lovers of Serrano and Iberian ham . Products aged slowly in the cellar until reaching their optimum point of flavor and maturation.

Buy Benito Spanish Jamon Iberico.

The Benito Ham is a success in all its variants. Pieces of a very balanced texture and flavor, with a technique, art and very careful care in their artisanal elaboration of unique quality. We offer you in all this range of Benito products:

- Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham and Shoulder Benito

- Acorn-fed ham and shoulder ham 75% Ibérico Benito

- Benito Iberico Cebo Ham and Shoulder

- Ham and Shoulder Cebo de Campo Benito

- Benito Black Label Ham and Shoulder

- Gran Reserva Benito Ham

- Duroc Shoulder +24 months Benito

The front and hind legs of the pigs are slowly aged in drying rooms located in Guijuelo (Salamanca), Jabugo and Castaño de Robledo (Huelva) and Arahal (Seville)

In Jamón Pasión you will find the Jamón Benito at the best price and with CHEAP express shipping.

Benito Natural Dryers.

A strict production system under the most demanding quality standards, where the traditional and artisanal process converges with the latest technology, achieving Iberian hams with a smooth texture and an unmistakable flavor and aroma.

Three generations of experience, art and care of the product, give Benito 100% Iberico acorn-fed ham the authentic taste of the best purebred Iberian pig, recognized by the most demanding customers and by a large number of professionals.