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Buy Iberico Pork meat Sausages

Jamón Pasión has the best selection of Iberian cured meats online, made up of varied batches to suit all tastes. All of them come from the most prestigious producing regions in Spain, which not only apply their know-how and care to hams and shoulders, but also to these other meat products of the highest quality.

A wide variety of Iberian Sausages with the highest quality on the market.

Iberian sausages are distinguished from others because they are made with meat from Iberian pigs, a native breed of the Iberian Peninsula that is not only used in the production of hams and shoulders. The variety of lots on this page is a good example of this: you can buy Iberian sausages as different as salchichones, lomos, chorizos, morcones and other products of similar quality.

The size and presentation of our products is also very varied. As you can see, we sell Iberico delicatessen sausages online from 400 gr to more than 1 kg, vacuum-packed for optimum preservation. And some of them are of the highest quality: here you can buy Iberico bellota cured meats online.

Among the Iberian cured meats, special mention should be made of the loin of pork, to which similar classification criteria are applied to hams and shoulders. In this sense, you will find loin loins from Iberian pigs with a purity of breed between 50% and 100%, Cebo, Cebo de Campo and Bellota.

In addition, in our online catalogue of Iberian sausages we have lots that include other complementary products, such as cured sheep cheeses.

The best batches of Iberian Sausages and Iberico Pork Loins.

In this section you can buy Iberian sausages and Iberico pork Loins from a large selection of the best producers. Iberian sausages from Giijuelo, Iberian loins from Jabugo, Iberian Morcones from Extremadura and a long etcetera.

We have several packs for your taste, among which you will find assortments of Salchichón, chorizo, morcón and loin in whole pieces, with a weight per piece of 1 kg (+ - 200 gr), or half pieces, with a weight of between 400- 600 gr. more or less.

In the Jamon Pasion online store, you have at your disposal a select range of cheap Iberian sausages of excellent quality, since we are official distributors and we work directly with the wineries, without intermediaries, which is reflected in the best price.

Jamón Pasión offers you the best prices on pork cured meats.

If you are looking for cheap Iberian cured meats, at Jamón Pasión you will find the most competitive prices on the market. This is because we are official distributors, that is, we work directly with the factory to avoid intermediaries.

In addition, we apply significant discounts and offers throughout the year, with discounts that can reach 20% or even more. To discover our cheap Iberian sausages, just browse our online shop and compare prices.

However, our low prices do not mean that quality is compromised. On the contrary: we have lots of Iberian sausages from the best producing areas of the country. This is the case with our products from Extremadura, nationally and internationally renowned for their exquisite flavour. The vast expanse of the region's dehesas, the traditional knowledge passed down from generation to generation and the application of new technologies for farm management result in healthy products for discerning palates.