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Buy Iberico Pork meat Sausages - Loin - Sausage - Chorizo - Morcón

Iberico Pork sausages

The best batches of Iberian Sausages and Iberico Pork Loins.

In this section you can buy Iberian sausages and Iberian Cebo Loins from a large selection of the best producers. Iberian sausages from Giijuelo, Iberian loins from Jabugo, Iberian Morcones from Extremadura and a long etcetera.

We have several packs for your taste, among which you will find assortments of Salchichón, chorizo, morcón and loin in whole pieces, with a weight per piece of 1 kg (+ - 200 gr), or half pieces, with a weight of between 400- 600 gr. more or less.

In the online store, you have at your disposal a select range of cheap Iberian sausages of excellent quality, since we are official distributors and we work directly with the wineries, without intermediaries, which is reflected in the best price.