Iberian Quality Regulations.

At Jamón Pasión we celebrate the approval by Royal Decree 4/2014, of January 10, which approves the quality standard for Iberian meat, ham, shoulder and loin, in order to avoid fraud and inform the consumer more clearly about the quality of the ham they want to buy. In this way, the conservation of the Iberian breed is also promoted.

Royal Decree 4/2014, of January 10, which approves the quality standard for Iberian meat, ham, shoulder and loin.

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

«BOE» no. 10 of January 11, 2014

Reference: BOE-A-2014-318


Last Modified: June 11, 2016

Royal Decree 1083/2001, of October 5, which approves the quality standard

for Iberian ham, Iberian palette and Iberian loin, made in Spain, had

as an object to define the characteristics of the quality and marking of Iberian products

present in the market.

Since the approval of the aforementioned royal decree, various modifications have been made and

several ministerial orders were approved for its development, causing a situation of

regulatory dispersion, which made it advisable to compile the current texts in a single standard.

All of this gave rise to the publication of Royal Decree 1469/2007, which approves the

quality standard for Iberian meat, ham, shoulder and loin.

This standard extended its scope of application to products from the cutting of

the carcass that are marketed fresh. It also expanded the type of products that

could be labeled as Iberian based on factors linked to the system of

animal feeding.

On the other hand, he introduced the list of municipal terms in which the

uses of wooded pastures that can be considered as pastures suitable for

the feeding of the Iberian pig with the designation of «bellota».

Additionally, the regulation sought to strengthen control mechanisms through a

reinforcement of the provisions related to the actions of the Entities

Independent of Control.

Finally, the Iberian Mesa was set up to monitor, harmonize

and development of everything related to the Iberian Quality Standard

After five years of operation of this quality standard, certain

imbalances in the production sector, such as the decline in the censuses and productions of the

pure pig breed and extensive production systems linked to the pasture, which

indicating the advisability of issuing a new regulation on the matter.

Difficulties have also been detected in relation to the acceptance and knowledge of

products by consumers, as a result of an excessive variety of

mentions on the label that can lead to confusion for the consumer. about this same

aspect, the use of part of the designations of the

products with inappropriate typology and font size and labeling distribution so

random that the consumer cannot effectively distinguish which product it is,

when the differences between the different designations are very relevant and their confusion

produces, in addition to deceiving the consumer, unfair competition between companies that is

I need to tackle


In the following link you can directly access the reading or download in PDF of the Royal Decree on the Iberian quality standard on the Official State Gazette WEB.