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➤ Great Offers and Discounts up to 30% | Jamón Pasión

In this section of the online ham store, we will show all our products with the best offer of the moment.

There will not always be the same products, they will alternate according to the offers of the different brands, but we will try to make a varied selection to offer our customers good offers on hams and Shoulders of all categories: Serrano, cebo and cebo de campo iberian ham, acorn-fed and pata negra.

The dates where the most offers will be shown will be Black Friday, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day and some surprise dates. Although some dates only correspond to Spain, our clients from all over Europe will still be able to benefit from them.

We have the best prices on famous brands such as "Ibéricos Benito", "Jamones y Embutidos Majada Pedroche" in the Iberian section.

For 2 years we have had our own brand of hams "Jamón Pasión" , both 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams DOP Los Pedroches, and the famous "Trevélez hams" and, shortly, we will expand the range of our brand with a Gran serrano ham Reserve and a Duroc Ham with more than 30 months of curing and both without any type of additives or preservatives.

We also have very good discounts on "Jamones de Juviles", one of the most internationally known Serrano hams and two of the best Granada Hams: "Jamones de Baza" and "Señorío de Las Cumbres". All of them 100% natural, free of nitrites and nitrates.

Our intention is to offer our customers the best hams at the most reasonable price possible, based on the policy that quality must prevail above all else, so all the hams, shoulders and sausages that appear in this category of offers will be the same ones that appear in their original categories, but, to do our part and facilitate the consumption of hams, shoulders and sausages, we will show offers thanks to the commercial agreements that we have directly with the ranchers and producers.

This section has been created so that our customers can buy cheaper hams in a more direct way.

The acclaimed 5 Jotas hams are also present in our online store and we offer unbeatable prices on various Iberian acorn-fed hams, including Pata Negra hams.

Boneless Ham Offers

We will show offers of boneless hams, a format that is increasingly popular thanks to the ease of consumption and high performance, since everything is edible, there is no need to remove rind or fat and they take up much less space, with the advantage that At Jamón Pasión we offer you the possibility of deboning the piece and making it into 4 pieces and packaging it individually in a vacuum to facilitate consumption.

You will find the best discounts on boneless Iberian hams and boneless Serrano hams, as well as boneless ham shoulders.

It is important to note that our hams are boned at the time you place the order, so the product keeps all its characteristics intact.