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Family business determined to make Iberian hams and shoulders since 1950 in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Biosphere Reserve Natural Park.

Each piece is made with the utmost respect for the animal and for the product, resting in natural dryers for a long time with slow and controlled curing.

They make PDO Jabugo Iberian ham and shoulder, one of the most demanded and internationally known Protected Designations of Origin. Iberian acorn-fed Pata Negra shoulders and hams and 100% Iberian Cebo de Campo.

"Oro Viejo" Jabugo PDO Iberico Ham

Under the DOP Jabugo Differentiated Quality seal, both the 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham and the 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder are made , superior quality pieces "SUMMUM", with the European distinctive that certifies and guarantees that the entire process, from The breeding of the pig and the subsequent elaboration of the acorn-fed Iberian hams and shoulders have been carried out, as required by the regulatory council of the Protected Designation of Origin, within the same geographical area: The Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and Peaks of Aroche, in Huelva.

The 100% Ibercio acorn-fed Oro Viejo pork shoulders and hams have achieved harmony in all their organoleptic qualities, like a great Huelva ham, highlighting their aromatic richness as a result of the following characteristics:

- Its racial purity and its diet during the fattening season, "la montanera", which is exclusively with acorns and natural pastures in the pasture, as well as raising the pig in complete freedom throughout its life.

- Very slow curing in a geographical area with unique microclimatic conditions, ideal for making Iberian hams.

Buy 100% Iberico acorn-fed ham PDO Jabugo

DOP Jabugo is one of the 4 Protected Designations of Origin in Spain for Iberian ham and shoulder ham and the best known worldwide.

Buying a 100% Ibérico Pata Negra PDO Jabugo "Oro Viejo" acorn-fed ham is a guarantee of guaranteed success. A black label certified ham that guarantees both the racial purity of the Iberian pig and its outdoor breeding, in addition to its European label of differentiated quality.

The "OLD GOLD" ham in 2017 received the "GOLDEN Ham" Award at the Aracena Ham and Iberian Pig Fair, the cradle of the production of products derived from 100% purebred Iberian pigs.

The Jamón Pasión online store has DOP Jabugo Hams with a weight between 6kg and 9.5kg. We also offer 100% Iberian Bellota Shoulders DOP Jabugo Summum, the front leg of the pig, subject to the same quality standards as hams and weighing between 4kg and 6kg.

All the pieces are sent directly from the natural drying sheds located in Higuera de la Sierra, province of Huelva, in the heart of the Natural Park declared a Biosphere Reserve and you can buy the ham at a price without competition.

Spanish Ham Online Store

We also have both 100% Iberico Black Label acorn-fed ham and por shoulder made from native purebred Iberian pigs, where they are raised outdoors and fed during the fattening season with acorns and wild fruits present in the fields of the Own pasture owned by the family business, as well as 100% Iberian Cebo de Campo shoulders and hams.

The 100% Iberian Cebo de Campo ham and shoulder , like the acorn-fed ones, come from 100% purebred pigs and are raised outdoors throughout their lives, the only difference is that it is not included in their diet. the acorn, but the wild grasses, although if there is a good acorn season, they will also be able to have it in their diet.

It is a very good option to choose a 100% Iberian Cebo de Campo ham if you want to buy an Iberian ham that is cheaper than acorn-fed but with a very high quality.

It is possible to serve this ham boneless or cut with a knife in the traditional way by a professional ham cutter. It must be taken into account that the loss of a ham of these characteristics is around 60% and of Iberian shoulders up to 70% in reference to its weight with bone and without cleaning.

Conservation of Oro Viejo Jamon Iberico

A high-quality Iberian ham such as Oro Viejo must be properly maintained so that it does not lose all the wonderful qualities that it has at an aromatic, flavor and texture level. It is convenient, once received at home, to discard the greaseproof paper wrapper, the protective cover and place it in an area of the house where it does not get direct sunlight and away from heat sources, such as ovens, stoves or electrical appliances in general that generate heat.

Once the cut has begun, just cover the exposed part with a piece of the ham fat resulting from cleaning it, which should be changed periodically as it will oxidize. A very good idea is to scrape some of the side fat with the blunt part of a knife and spread it, as if it were butter on the cut part and thus prevent the area from drying out excessively. Then drop a cotton rag on top.

The ideal is to start the piece from the narrowest part of the Iberian ham, which is the driest, if it will take several weeks to consume it. If you start with the juiciest part of the ham, when you turn it over, that part may be drier than desired.