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Located in the Sierra de Baza, province of Granada, it began in the ham industry in 1959.

Casa Íbera is a small family business dedicated to the production of 100% Natural Iberian ham and committed to the environment and sustainability, so all its energy supply is through solar panels.

Its Iberian hams only contain salt as a natural additive, without additives or artificial preservatives, which allows slower and quality curing times in natural cellars.

Buy Iberico ham without additives

We make available to our clients Iberian hams without Corsevantes , from Iberian pigs raised and fed in Salamanca and later salted and cured in the Sierra de Baza, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada National Park.

Both the Iberian hams and shoulders , due to their natural curing and without any additives, have slow curing, so the ham legs acquire a greater balance and maturity, expressing well-defined aromas, flavors and texture.

The cebo de campo 50% Iberian pork shoulder, reaches a cure of 24 months, like the Cebo 50% Iberico ham and the 75% acorn-fed 75% iberico ham exceeds 36 months.

The Iberian ham "Casa Íbera " is one of the healthiest hams that you can buy in our online Spanish ham store .

Elaboration of Iberico ham Casa Íbera

To this day, they continue to use the traditional recipe of the grandparents for the preparation of the leg of ham, in which only a pinch of sea salt is included. Without using dyes, preservatives, or other artificial additives, they achieve a 100% healthy and natural product typical of the Mediterranean diet, as they were formerly made in the fields for family consumption.

Without gluten. Without lactose. Without Nitrites. Without Nitrates. No Artificial Additives.

Conservation of Iberico ham Casa Íbera

When buying the Iberian ham, we will send it directly from the producer's facilities, from the natural drying room located in the Sierra de Baza Natural Park.

Its altitude above sea level, with fresh, pure and clean air; Its climate with cold, dry winters and hot, equally dry summers make it a privileged place for the production of high-quality Iberian hams .

For all this, you will receive a ham at home in the most optimal conditions for consumption. Once at home, all you have to do is remove the packaging and the cotton mesh and place the Iberian ham in a place away from sunlight and heat sources .