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The Jamón Pasión Spanish Ham brand is characterised, both for Iberian hams and Serrano hams, by the marketing of products of the highest quality and the most appreciated by consumers, both nationally and internationally. Hams protected by the Protected Designation of Origin DOP Los Pedroches for acorn-fed iberico ham and shoulders and by the Protected Geographical Identification PGI Trevélez for Serrano ham.

Differentiated Quality Hams

Under the PDO Los Pedroches Differentiated Quality seal, both 100% Iberico ham and 100% iberico shoulder are made.

The Valley of Los Pedroches, located in the province of Córdoba, a traditional area for the production of Iberian ham, has a long generational journey in raising pigs in its vast pastures where the Iberian acorn-fed pigs spend their entire lives and feed on the natural fruits provided by the field and in the production of Iberian hams and sausages.

The DOP Los Pedroches seal, apart from the black label (the bridle that goes around the hoof) that certifies that it is a pata negra bellota jamon, guarantees that the entire production process, from the rearing of the pig, the feeding, slaughter and subsequent curing of the products, has been carried out in the same area, thus guaranteeing the extreme quality that is required of an Iberico ham of these characteristics. For this reason, the Iberian ham brand Jamón Pasión is committed to this area of southern Spain, Andalusia and specifically the province of Córdoba.

The Serrano Ham marketed by Jamón Pasión under the IGP Trevélez Differentiated Quality seal, a geographical area that encompasses several villages in the Alpujarras of Granada, located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park, is a ham with a history of centuries. In fact, the quality label includes the seal of Queen Elizabeth II, who in 1862 granted distinction to this Serrano ham, recognizing its high quality.

Buy Iberico Ham PDO Los Pedroches Jamón Pasión

Of the 4 Protected Designations of Origin in Spain for Iberian hams, Los Pedroches PDO is the one that has been booming the most in recent years thanks to its good work and the extreme quality of its products.

Buying a Pata Negra 100% Iberico bellota Jamón Pasión is a guaranteed success. A certified ham with a black label that guarantees both the racial purity of the Iberian pig and its rearing in the open air and its feeding based on acorns and wild herbs during the montanera season. Hams weighing between 7kg and 10kg in sections of 0.5kg.

We also offer 100% Iberian bellota shoulders, the front leg of the pig, subject to the same quality standards as hams, certified as 100% acorn-fed Iberian and with the DOP Los Pedroches distinguished quality seal.

All the pieces are sent directly from the dryers located in Villanueva de Córdoba. The Spanish Ham is chosen at the time of purchase so that when it arrives at home it maintains all its properties.

Buy Serrano Ham IGP Trevélez Jamón Pasión

Trevélez Serrano Ham is one of those hams that our grandparents have always had at home, hams made in the mountains, in an artisanal way and without any type of artificial preservative or added additive. Pork ham and sea salt are its only ingredients.

A piece of very good quality with the IGP Differentiated Quality Seal (Protected Geographical Identification) with its fair measure of lean meat and fat. Dried in rooms where the temperature and humidity are regulated just by opening and closing windows, without artificial drying processes, where they are aerated by the winds from the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada .

La Alpujarra Granadina, a traditional area for the production of Serrano hams, is located in a natural and wild environment, with clean and fresh air on one of the slopes of the National Park, belonging to the province of Granada.

The Serrano ham brand "Jamón Pasión" markets 3 different hams according to their curing time, which is directly related to the weight of the piece:

-Trevélez blue label ham +17 months of curing

-Trevélez red label ham +20 months of curing

-Trevélez black label ham +23 months of curing

If you are a lover of an authentic and taste serrano ham, Trevélez Jamón Pasión ham is a choice to take into account.