Buy 100% acorn-fed Iberian Ham

Buying PDO Los Pedroches Iberian ham "Jamón Pasión" is a sure hit. Products under the Protected Designation of Origin Valle de los Pedroches and certified 100% Iberian pork fed on acorns in the pasture during the montanera season. Cured in natural drying sheds for more than 36 months in Villanueva de Córdoba.

PDO Los Pedroches Iberian Ham "Jamón Pasión"

In our online shop of Iberian Hams we offer you directly from the pasture located in Villanueva de Córdoba, a privileged place for the breeding of acorn-fed Iberian pigs, a ham of excellent quality. Produced using traditional methods, a legacy of 4 generations who treat the animal and the product with the utmost respect and a production process that meets the highest quality standards. 

Iberian ham with a differentiated quality label awarded by the EU that guarantees and certifies a product of extreme quality under very demanding parameters. Unique and controlled pieces with an identifying number for each piece.

Characteristics of Los Pedroches PDO pata negra ham

Unmistakable aroma and delicate flavour, with a slightly fibrous texture, pleasant to the palate, fat that melts in the mouth and persistent flavour characteristic of the acorn. The 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham DOP Los Pedroches, has a characteristic colour that varies from pink to purple red, bright, with infiltration of pinkish-white or yellowish fat, rich in oleic acid, which gives it an unctuous feel and gives it that characteristic marbled appearance. It is a high quality Iberian ham that is recognised by experts and consumers both nationally and internationally.

Jamón Pasión's PDO Los Pedroches Spanish ham continues to use traditional techniques together with the latest technologies to offer a 100% guarantee of quality in its products.

They have more than 120 hectares of pasture land known as "Majada de la Vega" in the Los Pedroches Valley. The pigs have enough space for proper development, exercise and feeding, the latter being essential for them to provide us with the infiltrated fat that makes this breed unique in the world.

Please note that Jamón Pasión will send you all your orders directly from the natural drying sheds, so you will be able to buy cheaper Iberian hams.