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Buy Sliced Spanish Serrano Ham | Jamón Pasión

In the online Spanish ham store we offer you Serrano ham formats sliced from our best pieces ready to open and eat.

In this section you will find Serrano hams cut into slices and vacuum packed in 100 gr sachets. All of the best quality on the market and prices without competition within its category. From a Reserva ham, Gran Reserva, Duroc ham and Trevélez ham

We directly offer all the hams from the producers in the production areas, without intermediaries, being able to buy Serrano ham at the best price.

All the sliced Serrano hams that we offer at Jamón Pasión are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives. Gluten and lactose free.

These cases are already ready to open and serve, you do not have to do anything else. In hot weather, it is recommended to keep them refrigerated and take them out of the fridge 20 minutes before consumption so that they express all their qualities.

A Serrano ham is practically always sliced by machine, leaving the traditional knife cut for sliced Iberian ham.

An also very interesting format is the boneless serrano ham, which is presented as a whole piece clean and vacuum packed.

Buy Serrano ham vacuum packed

Vacuum-packed hams are an excellent option to keep them in perfect condition for longer. On the Spanish ham store Jamón Pasión you will find sliced serrano ham with different curing times. Reserve hams with a minimum of 16 months, up to Duroc ham with more than 24 months of curing.

Buy ham in sachets of 100 gr. It is a very good alternative if you do not feel like having a whole leg at home or simply do not have experience in knife cutting. In this format nothing is wasted, you just have to open the envelope and consume directly.

The Price per kg of sliced and vacuum-packed Serrano ham is higher than if you buy a whole ham, which you must clean of rind and fat and discard the bone, with which the resulting weight will be 50% of the total weight.

What is vacuum packaging?

This technique consists of extracting all the oxygen from the ham packet and thus stopping the activity of the bacteria present in the air, avoiding their possible development and being able to keep the product in optimal conditions. Vacuum packaging is a preservation technique that manages to maintain the good condition of food and guarantee its organoleptic properties as well as delay the expiration date.

Conservation and consumption of sliced serrano ham

In order for Serrano ham in vacuum-packed sachets to express all its wonderful qualities, it is necessary to follow a series of recommendations:

The envelope must be opened in advance, at least 20 minutes before consumption to let it air out and rest, and thus it will reach all its properties. Little by little the smells and flavors so characteristic of the best Serrano hams will be released.

The cut and packaged ham should always be kept refrigerated, unlike a ham with a leg that is not necessary, since the bone keeps the ham meat in optimal conditions.

A good idea if you live in an area that is not very warm is to open the hot water tap and put the sachet under the tap for a few seconds to help the fat in the ham reach the ideal temperature. This should always be done with the envelope still closed to prevent water from touching the product.