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➤ Buy High quality Duroc Serrano ham | Jamón Pasión

Duroc ham is much more than a simple food product. It is a culinary experience that awakens the senses and leaves a lasting impression on the palate of those who try it. Its juicy texture and exceptionally rich flavor are the result of careful breeding and selection of the highest quality pigs.

Duroc refers to the breed of pig that is used to make one of the best ham legs from white pigs . Duroc hams have the peculiarity of being able to have black hoofs, just like Iberico hams . Hams with a greater infiltration of fat than other white breeds, which gives them a more unctuous texture and a more powerful flavor and aroma.

Discover the convenience of buying top quality Duroc ham from the comfort of your home and enjoy an incomparable gastronomic experience in every bite.

Buy Duroc hams online at Jamón Pasión

At Jamón Pasión, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Duroc hams carefully selected and cured by expert artisans. Our selection process guarantees that only the best specimens reach your table, ensuring maximum quality and freshness in each slice.

In our online ham store we have for sale an exclusive selection of Duroc hams from the best producers in Spain, among which are 100% natural hams without additives. Only Duroc breed serrano hams of the highest quality have a place in Jamón Pasión.

Serrano ham made from the Duroc breed of pig has a longer curing time than other cured white breed hams, since by having greater fat infiltration, what we know as "marbling", the meat is more hydrated and It requires longer maturation times.

Duroc Ham at the Best Price

We work hand in hand with producers and ship directly from the factory, without intermediaries, so you can buy Duroc ham cheaper without losing quality.

Our commitment to quality is not compromised by our affordable prices. Each piece of Duroc ham we offer is carefully selected by expert ham masters, guaranteeing the freshness, flavor and texture characteristic of this unique variety. At Jamón Pasión we strive to offer competitive prices that allow you to enjoy this culinary delicacy without worries.

In our catalog of Duroc hams you will find both ham legs, boneless hams and ham shoulders. We offer the possibility of purchasing a Duroc ham and selecting it to be sliced, so at the factory a whole piece of the selected weight will be chosen and then it will be cut and vacuum packed in envelopes.

What is Duroc Spanish ham?

It is a cured ham made from Duroc-Jersey pigs , which would be the most appropriate name, although it is usually named just Duroc. It is the hybridization of two ancient North American pig breeds, the Old Duroc and the Red Jersey.

The Duroc pig has a reddish coat, slightly long hair and is larger than the Iberian pig. It is the only white breed that has the peculiarity of infiltrating fat into the meat, which is why it is used to cross with other white pigs and the only one that, by law, can be used for crossing with Iberian pigs.

Being an animal that easily adapts to many types of climate, has great resistance, a high reproductive capacity and grows faster than other breeds, it has become very popular among livestock farmers and today it is found in practically all breeds. continents. In Spain it began to become popular in the 70s.

Differences between Duroc, Iberian and Serrano ham

First of all, it must be made clear that Duroc and Iberico refer to the breed, from which white hams and Iberian hams are obtained, respectively, including pata negra acorn-fed hams.

The denomination serrano refers to a type of ham under a specific production regulation and that carries the ETG seal "Traditional Specialty Guaranteed" that establishes parameters and production requirements that must be met to achieve the appropriate quality. The origin or breeds of pig have nothing to do with it, except that all Serrano hams come from white breed pigs. Therefore, a Duroc ham can be Serrano, if it is made under the ETG quality seal, or not, so it should be called "cured ham."

Nowadays, many farmers cross the Duroc breed with other white-coated pigs to obtain better quality meat, since it provides more juiciness and tenderness.

Where to buy the best Duroc hams?

At Pasión ham we offer you an exclusive selection of the best Duroc ham. We don't have many, but the ones we do have are of excellent quality. The vast majority of the Duroc serrano hams that we offer are completely free of additives, colorings and artificial preservatives. The only natural preservative it has is sea salt, and also in low proportions.

Although in this section we will only include the Duroc hams that carry the name on their label, all Serrano hams and Trevélez hams from the Juviles, Señorío de Las Cumbres and Jamón Pasión brands are obtained from white pigs that have been crossed Duroc pork to give it superior texture, aroma and flavor.