Trevélez Serrano Ham "Jamón Pasión"

Hams with differentiated quality label PGI (Protected Geographical Indication): European quality seal that guarantees and certifies the highest standards in the production of Serrano ham.

The Jamón de Trevélez Jamón Pasión, a 100% natural product, is produced in natural drying sheds in the Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada, without additives or preservatives. Ham of artisan elaboration.

In our online shop of Serrano Hams we offer you excellent products of artisan elaboration of world-wide recognition from the Alpujarra of Granada. Hams that are cured in the fresh air of the Sierra Nevada, regulating the humidity and temperature by simply opening and closing the windows.

The Trevélez "Jamón Pasión" ham has to meet a series of requirements that make it unique among other hams. The pieces are obtained from crosses of white pigs of the Large-White, Duroc-Jersey and Landrace breeds, and must have a low percentage of salinity.

Buy Trevélez Spanish Ham

When buying Trevélez Ham, you should bear in mind that it should always carry these seals that guarantee that it is authentic and that it has passed the exhaustive quality tests of the Trevélez Protected Geographical Identification Regulatory Council:

Trevélez Ham "Jamón Pasión" blue label: Serrano ham with more than 17 months of natural curing.

Trevélez Ham "Jamón Pasión" red label: Serrano ham with more than 20 months of natural curing..

Trevélez Ham "Jamón Pasión" black label: Serrano ham with more than 23 months of natural curing.