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Juviles Ham: The authentic Alpujarra Ham

In our online Ham and Shoulder Store you can buy Juviles Hams cured naturally by the winds from the high peaks of Sierra Nevada. Perniles de la Alpujarra 100% Natural, without additives or artificial preservatives.

Buy Serrano Hams from Juviles

4th generation of expert ham artisans with a love for tradition, naturally make these exquisite products from the Alpujarra of Granada. When buying Serrano Hams from Juviles, we are buying quality and know-how.

At Jamón Pasión we sell, directly from producers in Sierra Nevada, both Serrano hams and shoulders with a quality guarantee of the Jamones de la Alpujarra brand and hams from Trevélez (Protected Geographical Indication Trevélez); as well as 100% Duroc Serrano hams.

The hams and shoulders that you can buy in our online store:

Hams from the Alpujarra

- Gran Reserva Serrano Ham "Jamones de Juviles

- Reserve Serrano Ham "Jamones de Juviles

- 100% Duroc Serrano Ham "Jamones de Juviles"

- Gran Reserva Shoulder "Jamones de Juviles"

- 100% Duroc Shoulder "Jamones de Juviles"

IGP Trevélez hams

- Trevélez Black Label Ham "more than 23 months of curing"

- Jamón de Trevélez Red Label "more than 20 months of curing"

- Trevélez Blue Label "more than 17 months of curing"

Jamon Iberico without additives

- 100% Iberico Bellota Pata Negra Ham "Jamones de Juviles"

- Acorn-fed Ham 50% Iberian Breed Red Label "Jamones de Juviles"

- Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham 50% R.I "Jamones de Juviles"

- Cebo Ibérico Spanish Ham 50% R.I "Jamones de Juviles"