Sale Pinalbar Spanish Ham from Teruel.

The only Ham obtained from white breed pigs with Protected Designation of Origin is the Teruel Ham. The other D.O.Ps refer only to Iberian Hams. This means that they are subject, by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin, to very demanding quality and production requirements.

Casa Conejos makes, and Jamón Pasión gives you the opportunity to buy the Jamón de Teruel Pinalbar, made in Cedrillas at 1,400m. altitude, under an ideal climate for the entire production process.

In the Jamón Pasión store we offer you this exquisite piece, one of the best hams in Spain, weighing from 7 kg to 9 kg. We send it directly from the dryer, with its corresponding certification, its label and packed in perfect condition.

Teruel Serrano ham online store.

The PDO Jamón de Teruel occupies the 3rd position in declared purchase / consumption with 40.4%, behind Jabugo and Guijuelo. Taste and quality are the main reasons for purchasing the Jamón de Teruel PDO. The main obstacle when buying it is the difficulty to find it, since large stores and supermarkets do not usually offer high quality hams. We, knowing the exquisite quality of this Serrano ham, offer you the opportunity to buy it easily.

Regarding the profile of the consumer, it is of a high / medium-high socio-economic level and of households with children. In addition, the consumer of the DO Jamón de Teruel is in an age group of 55 and over, and comes mainly from Aragon, origin of the ham; of the Valencian Community and the Basque Country.

Now from our online ham store, you can buy Teruel ham cheaper, since we send it directly from the factory in the province of Teruel, without intermediaries.