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Buy the best Iberico Spansih Ham【Jamón Pasión】

“Iberico” ham, or the iberian ham, is a wonderful kind of ham that you should know and taste at least once. In our online store we have several packs and ham accessories in which you can choose and purchase the one you convince the most. Check out our incredible selection and different offers to taste our Serrano hams.

Buy Cebo de Campo and Cebo Iberico Ham.

We choose for our clients the most balanced pieces of Cebo de Campo Iberico Ham (formerly called "Recebo": Pigs fed with a mixed diet of feed, cereals and wild fruits and herbs), and Cebo Iberico Ham (feed based on feed and legumes) to guarantee their quality.

In this section of the Jamón online store you have at your disposal an extensive range of the best Iberian hams. We offer guaranteed and certified products according to the legal regulations on Iberian hams and loin.

We work directly with the producers and select the best pieces to guarantee the best balance of each one. Here you can buy jamon iberico 50% Iberian Breed and Cebo de Campo hams 75% and 50% Iberian Breed; white flange and green flange respectively.

Sale of Iberian hams at the Best Price.

Since all our hams are sent directly from the natural drying rooms located in the place of origin of production, they will always be in the best conditions. Therefore, since there is no type of intermediary, you can get the cheapest spanish hams.

It has the best producers, such as those of Embutidos Morato, awarded on numerous occasions for the best jamon iberico.

Benito hams, internationally known or hams from small producers who pamper their products in detail located in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Huelva.

We also offer the best pieces made in Extremadura and Guijuelo. Buying at Jamón Pasión is a guarantee that you will obtain very high quality products. 

Buy Iberico Ham Online

It might be daunting at first to choose what ham to buy from the wide selection available. Pata Negra hams, for example, tend to be more suitable for special occasions and significant events, such as a wedding or at Christmas, as the outlay is much higher than other types of ham.

Iberian pork shoulders, on the other hand, are much more within reach of a wider public – it is to be noted, however, that their fat content tends to be much higher than other hams.

The Spanish Iberian ham “Cebo de Campo” Iberico Ham, are another great option as they tend to be less expensive than acorn-fed Iberian hams, and the Jamón Pasión online store has a great selection at very reasonable price points.

Iberico cebo jamon, on the other hand, tends to have excellent flavour but not so much taste or aromatic complexity. For this reason, it’s much more reasonably priced with respect to other types of Spanish cured hams and is perfect for everyday consumption. Of course, if complexity of flavour and a lean, reduced fat consistency is important to the consumer, the acorn-fed or field bait hams are ideal, as the feeding of acorns, fruits and herbs plus the exercise they do while roaming the open pastures and meadows give them great quality at a good price point for most consumers.

Buy Iberico ham online at our store today.

Quality Iberian Ham

The Spanish Cebo de Campo pig is definitely worth knowing about when selecting which Iberian ham to buy, the “Bellota Iberico Ham”. This pig is where the Iberian Cebo de Campo ham originates, and comes in several varieties of purity: 100%, 75% and 50% Iberian breed. The most widely available and sold to consumers is the 50% Iberian breed.

Like other types of ham we’ve mentioned here, this type of pig is raised in freedom, able to roam at leisure outside in the Spanish pastures and meadows, and feeds on the natural resources already available in the field. Although acorns are not specifically intended for them, they may have access to them on certain occasions and if quantities are sufficient. Open-air farming for this type of pig is crucial as the animals travel many miles every single day searching for herbs, which gives their meat a distinguished and distinctive texture and consistency which consumers love.

Also in the category of Iberian pigs are the bait, where the Iberian cebo hams originate from. The vast majority are of 50% Iberian breed. This type of pig is raised in an intensive manner on pig farms. They are not free to roam and they are not fed on natural resources available on the field, such as grasses. Their diet is strictly based on high-quality cereals. Serrano hams are also available and a wide selection can be found on our website at, on our online store.

Prices and Offers for Iberian Ham

Our online store at jamon pasion offers visitors packs that are made up of Jamon Serrano with an assortment of pork sausages of great quality at a very reasonable price, as well as the option to purchase packs of cured pork shoulders.

You can also purchase batches of ham together with a wooden ham holder, ham knife or iberian chorizo, which make great gifts.

Some of the jamón iberico prices are: Packs of 100% natural Serrano ham, batches of Trevélez hams, Extremadura hams and 100% natural additive-free hams from the mountainous Spanish region of Sierra de Baza are just some of the packs of ham available to visitors of our online store at

Christmas baskets can also be made from the purchase of individual items from our store – select the ham or pork shoulder you prefer and add sausages or ham accessories as a nice extra gift. Highly recommended is our popular Señorío de las Cumbres Reserve Serrano Ham Set weighing in at 7-7.5 kg, or 15-16.5 lbs approximately. Or for a solution that offers even greater value for money, why not take a look at  our Pork Shoulder Gran Reserva Set, Morato brand from Extremadura? It weights between 4.5 and 5 kg (around 10 to 11 lbs). Take profit from jamon iberico price at the Jamón Pasión store and buy yours today.