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Buy Sliced Iberico Spanish Ham | Jamón Pasión

Buying sliced Iberian ham is a very good alternative for many people. The format of ham in packets preserves all the quality of the product and is ready to open and eat, with the perfect slice size. And at Jamón Pasión we make it easy for you.

Buy sliced Iberico ham at Jamón Pasión

When you buy sliced Iberian ham at Jamón Pasión, you will enjoy several advantages:

  1. When you buy these products on our online Spanish ham website, you will receive the packets of cured ham directly from the manufacturer, who cuts the ham, in its place of origin, under the best climatic conditions and with the minimum handling.
  2. With the producers we work with, both, the sliced iberico ham and pork shoulder, are freshly prepared, a few days at the latest, as ham is sliced daily and is not kept in stock for long periods of time.
  3. We work with quality producers, who take great care of the product, as 99% of them are small family businesses, where in most cases they carry out the whole process, from the breeding of the pig to the final product.

Advantages of sliced Spanish ham

Buying sliced and vacuum-packed in envelopes Iberian ham, if we compare it with whole Spanish ham legs, it is indisputable the space saving or the accessibility to enjoy a ham without having to fight with the knife. 

The yield, as in boneless hams, is total, as absolutely nothing is wasted, unlike in hams, where the waste of a leg of acorn-fed iberico ham, especially that of a 100% iberian Pata Negra Acorn-fed ham, exceeds 55% of the total weight.

One of the great advantages is its easy storage and maintenance. It simply needs to be kept refrigerated, and a few packets of sliced ham take up hardly any space.

It is also worth mentioning that it is not necessary to buy a whole leg of ham, as you can buy a few sachets individually. But if you are going to eat ham on a daily basis, we also offer you whole Iberian ham cut with a knife by professional cutters; you choose the piece and it is cut and packaged within two days, in 100 gram sachets, together with the bones, if you request them.

It goes without saying that we also have sliced Serrano ham.

Price of Iberico ham in packets

Of the 3 available formats, leg of ham, boneless ham and sliced ham, this is the least economical. It must be taken into account that, apart from the fact that this type of format has no waste, the cost of the slicing and packaging service must be added, being knife slicing more expensive than machine slicing.

A machine-sliced ham has to have the bone, impurities and rind removed and a machine takes care of making the slices; and in a knife-sliced ham, a professional slicer must spend at least 2 hours to remove thin slices of the ham.

Even so, in Jamón Pasión the sliced Iberian ham is much cheaper than in any supermarket or large grocery store, and best of all, it does not remain for days and days in displays under large spotlights.

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How do you store sliced iberico ham in packets?

Once the sachet is opened, the most important thing is to keep it refrigerated in the fridge and wrapped in cling film so that there are no openings where the atmosphere in the fridge can dry out the meat. It is advisable to consume it within a few days of starting the envelope.

In winter, if your house is not a sauna, you can keep it unopened in a cupboard away from sunlight and heat-emitting appliances, although as a precaution it is always advisable to keep it between 6ºC and 8ºC.

The best-before date is long, between 6 months and a year, as long as it is kept properly. The worst enemy of a ham is heat.

How is sliced Spanish ham used?

The same as a whole leg of ham. The only difference is that in this format it is ready to eat, finely sliced. You can use it to make sandwiches, to put a plate in the middle as an appetizer. Some formats already come with a round plate, so you simply open it and put it on the table, it is not necessary to transfer it to another container.

The most important thing is that 30 minutes before consumption, it should be taken out at room temperature so that all its properties are expressed at 100%.

Can the slices of Iberico ham be frozen?

Of course you can, but it is totally unadvisable. In the process of freezing and defrosting it will lose all its marvellous properties, both in terms of the texture of the meat and its smell and flavour.

But it is not really necessary, as the sachets are normally 100 grams, so once opened, you will eat it in less than 3 days.

How long does it take to deliver sliced Iberico ham?

When buying a sliced and vacuum-packed Iberian ham in packets, you should bear in mind that on many occasions the product has to be cut and packaged, as at Jamón Pasión we only serve product in perfect condition and it is cut as it is needed, so it may take a couple of days longer than usual while it is being cut and packaged. But on other occasions it may have been cut just a couple or 3 days ago, so it will be able to leave for its destination sooner.

From the moment it leaves the factory, the delivery time in mainland Spain is usually 24-48 hours, although on rare occasions it can take up to 72 hours, between 3/4 days for the Balearic Islands and Portugal and 5/6 business days in the main European countries.