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Iberian Hams and Shoulders "JamonRey".

The Iberian products of "JamonRey" are obtained from pigs raised in freedom in the pastures of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche (Huelva), which with the exceptional climate and fresh mountain air, very high quality pieces are made .

Buy Prepared Iberian Products in Huelva

In our Online Store we offer you JamonRey products, where you can buy Iberian Hams and Shoulders with a magnificent quality / price ratio, as well as Iberian Sausages from Sierra Morena (Huelva)

According to your preferences and tastes, you can choose this assortment of Iberian products :

  1. Acorn-fed 100% Iberian hams and shoulders
  2. Acorn-fed hams and shoulders 50% Iberian
  3. 50% Iberian Country Cebo Hams and Shoulders
  4. Hams and Bait Shoulders
  5. Acorn-fed Iberian Sausages
  6. Iberian Cebo Field Sausages

All the products are traditionally cured in natural drying rooms and aired by the fresh mountain air, providing them with high-quality organoleptic properties. Iberian hams and shoulders with exquisite infiltrated fat, intense flavor and unctuousness.