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Advantages of buying acorn-fed Iberico shoulder hams at Jamón Pasión

In the Jamón Pasión online shop you will find a large selection of shoulder hams from authentic Iberian pigs reared on acorns and wild herbs, both red label and black label. Here you can place your order at the best price and with the convenience of having the shoulder delivered to your own home.

These are some of the advantages of buying Iberian acorn-fed ham shoulders at Jamón Pasión: 

Factory-direct iberico ham shoulders: the best quality at the best price

Jamón Pasión products come directly from the drying sheds, which guarantees their quality and freshness as they are sent from the factory. In addition, as we do away with intermediaries, we offer you the opportunity to buy acorn-fed Iberian shoulders at cheaper prices

Acorn-fed  pork shoulder with PDO label and distinguished brands

At Jamón Pasión, we ensure the acquisition of highly qualified products. We have the Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) Los Pedroches, Jabugo and Dehesa de Extremadura.

Our best-selling Pata Negra shoulder, the 100% acorn-fed Iberico pork shoulder PDO Los Pedroches of the brand "Jamón Pasión" stands out for its high quality and reasonable price. In addition, you can find acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham without additives or preservatives, such as the organic acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham from "Jamones de Juviles" or the 100% acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham Pata Negra from the brand "JamonRey", produced in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve Natural Park of Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, Huelva.

In addition, our selection includes internationally renowned brands and shoulder hams from artisan producers.

We offer acorn-fed Iberico paletilla shoulders made by carefully selected producers located in Jabugo, Extremadura and Guijuelo, as well as Iberian ham shoulders from internationally renowned brands such as Morato, 5 Jotas, Sánchez Romero Carvajal, BenitoArturo Sánchez and Majada Pedroche.

What do the different percentages of Iberian breed in acorn-fed shoulder hams mean?

Acorn-fed ham shoulders classified as 100% Iberian breed, also called pata negra ham shoulders, come from pigs whose progenitors were, in turn, pure-bred Iberian pigs. You will find them at Jamón Pasión, marked with a black bridle, a label around the hoof that certifies and guarantees the quality, breeding and feeding of the pig.

On the other hand, the acorn-fed Iberico shoulder hams that are less than 100% purebred come from pigs whose family tree also includes the Duroc breed. For this reason, their bridle is red.

Among the red bridled shoulders, there are two different percentages of the breed. Those of the 75% Iberian breed, come from the crossbreeding of a 100% Iberian pig and the other, 50% Iberian. While the 50% Iberian breed pigs have a progenitor that is also 100% Iberian and the other is a Duroc pig. In both cases, the mother must always be 100% purebred Iberian.

Differences and similarities between the acorn-fed iberico ham and pork shoulder

The acorn-fed iberian por shoulders or paletilla iberico de bellota is one of the two front legs of the Iberian pig, unlike the ham, which corresponds to one of the two hind legs.

In addition to this important anatomical difference, the acorn-fed shoulder has other distinctions from the acorn-fed iberico ham: some that only a discerning palate will be able to identify and appreciate, and others that are more obvious:

Flavour intensity and curing period

The intensity of the flavour is greater in the paleta iberico de bellota (Pork shoulder) due to a greater infiltration of fat and a slightly higher salt content.

Another difference in flavour is related to the curing time: the acorn-fed Iberian shoulder has a shorter curing period than a ham of the same category. This makes its flavour more homogeneous in all its parts, with less nuances, but more intense.

The curing time of an Iberian acorn-fed shoulder can vary between 18 and 24 months, depending on several factors and the weight of the pieces, while an Iberian acorn-fed ham will have a minimum curing period of 36 months, even up to 48 months.


The acorn-fed iberico paleta has a smaller size and a smaller yield than an Iberico ham, making it an ideal choice for diners who like to consume this product in small quantities or families with few members.

According to legal regulations, an acorn-fed shoulder with a red bridle cannot weigh less than 4 kg; and a 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder with a black bridle cannot weigh less than 3.75 kg. As a tip, it is advisable to buy the smaller size Iberian acorn-fed ham shoulders, as they have much less meat and more bone.

We also offer you the possibility of buying boneless or sliced acorn-fed iberico ham shoulders, which will weigh less than the bone-in ham legs, but are ready to eat, as all the extra parts have been removed.


One of the advantages of buying acorn-fed Iberian shoulder, including pata negra shoulders, is that its price is cheaper than that of a iberico Spanish ham of the same category. And this applies to the price per kilogramme of both whole shoulders and boneless or sliced shoulders.

On the other hand, the quality of an acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is the same as that of a Spanish ham of the same category, as its origin and production are the same. We are talking about Iberian breed pigs, a species native to the Iberian Peninsula, which are reared in the most traditional and natural way possible: in the open air, in pastures of holm and cork oaks where they walk freely and obtain acorns in abundance, the most important part of their diet during the fattening season or montanera, which lasts from October to February, approximately.

If you want to enjoy the best acorn-fed Iberian shoulder hams, browse our catalogue to buy your favourite, either for its origin, the purity of its Iberian breed or its price.