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Bellota Iberico Ham Shoulders Store - Cheap Shipping【Jamón Pasión】

Bellota Iberico Ham Shoulders

Buy Bellota Iberico Spanish hams.

In our online bellota iberico ham shoulders store Jamón Pasión you can buy a large selection of pieces from authentic Iberian pig reared on Acorns and wild herbs. Here you'll find Palettes 100% Iberian Acorn-fed, 75% Iberian Acorn-fed and 50% Iberian Acorn-fed.

The Pig of Race 100% iberian are exemplary and whose parents are both of the iberian race pure; race 75% iberian, come from a parent 100% iberian and 50% iberian; and the pigs race 50% iberian, are specimens which one of the parents is 100% pure, and the other is a White pig.

You can also buy organic acorn-fed Iberian pork shoulders, without nitrites

Pata Negra Iberico Ham Shoulder Online Store.

Since our pork shoulders are sent directly from the factory, in the natural drying rooms located in the place of origin of production, they will always be in the best conditions. Therefore, since there is no type of intermediary, you can buy cheaper black leg Hams.

It has the best producers, such as those of Embutidos Morato, awarded on numerous occasions for the best Iberico Shoulder hams. Prestigious brands such as the 5 jotas and Sánchez romero Carvajal ham legs.

Benito hams, internationally known or hams from small producers who pamper their products in detail located in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, Huelva.

Diamante Negro pork shoulders, awarded at European level for the best 100% Iberian bellota ham.

We also offer you the best pieces made in Extremadura and Guijuelo, such as Arturo Sánchez shoulders with double montanera. Buying at Jamón Pasión is a guarantee that you will obtain very high quality products.

We have the four Protected Designations of Origin in force in Spain: Dehesa de Extremadura, Jabugo, Guijuelo and Los Pedroches.