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Iberico Ham and sausages Arturo Sánchez

Jamón Pasión offers you one of the best Acorn-fed Iberian Hams with careful attention in the selection of specimens and with twice the length of stay in the pastures than the rest of Iberian pigs. Long-cured artisan hams from Guijuelo, Salamanca.

Arturo Sánchez: A Unique and Exclusive Iberian Ham.

In our online store of Iberian Hams and Serrano Hams , you could not miss the appreciated and distinguished Iberian Ham by Arturo Sánchez. It comes from Iberian pigs selected for their excellent genetics, raised in freedom for two years, twice the usual, and for that reason, with two periods of montanera; which gives its meat a higher quality and a better fat infiltrate by consuming many more acorns than the rest.

The elaboration of the Arturo Sánchez Iberian Hams is so pampered, that the drying is carried out in drying hoods with oak wood; and the maturation process is carried out in an artisanal way, by master ham makers, and in natural wineries with the only action of the air from the Sierra that enters through the windows.

Buy Arturo Sánchez Ham.

Artuto Sánchez is a 200% guarantee. One of the best balanced Iberian Hams in all its aspects: maturation, texture, smell and flavor. The same can be said for Arturo Sánchez Iberian shoulders with a cure of more than 30 months.

Similarly, Arturo Sánchez Iberian Sausages are equally well cared for and follow the same processes, reaching 6 months of maturation.

Without a doubt, Buying Iberian Ham from Guijuelo with between 4 and 6 years of curing from the prestigious Arturo Sánchez Winery, is a great success.

The Best Offers of Arturo Sánchez.

At Jamón Pasión , as our name suggests, we are enormously passionate about these Iberian products that we are fortunate to be part of our gastronomic culture, and therefore, we have the best offers on Arturo Sánchez hams.

When buying Iberian products , we invite you to bet on this prestigious winery; and therefore, we put at your disposal all this Range of Iberian Arturo Sánchez:

- Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham Gran Reserva Arturo Sánchez 2 Montaneras.

- Acorn-fed ham 75% Iberian Reserve Arturo Sánchez 2 Montaneras.

- Arturo Sánchez 50% Iberian Cebo Field Ham .

- Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Shoulder Gran Reserva Arturo Sánchez 2 Montaneras.

- Acorn-fed shoulder 75% Iberian Reserve Artuto Sánchez 2 Montaneras.

- Arturo Sánchez 50% Iberian Cebo de Campo Shoulder .

- Loin, Salchichón and Chorizo De Bellota Arturo Sánchez .

- Loin, Salchichón and Chorizo De Cebo de Campo Arturo Sánchez .

Characteristics of Los Jamones Ibericos Arturo Sánchez.


Bright and uniform, with excellent fat coverage. Intense red slices speckled by thyroxine, the amino acid that crystallizes as a reflection of excellent healing.


Juicy texture, very pleasant on the palate. Tender and at the same time firm: it preserves its structure when chewing.


Powerful, pleasant, specific, attractive aromas. They remain a long time, very frank and clear. In the background, it presents very sincere notes of fresh nuts.


Fine, personal, balanced, tasty. It is an elegant ham that permeates its fundamental flavors already in the mouth. Its excellent balance in salinity reveals adequate, light and clear sweet notes, which precisely nuance the characteristic bitter points.