1. Virtual POS

This website has all the security measures and data encryption to guarantee the privacy of your data and transactions. It has an SSL encrypted system.

You can pay for products by credit/debit card.

All card payments are made through a secure payment gateway RedSys (Banco Sabadell). Accepted cards are Visa, Mastercard, America Express, etc.

Follow the instructions on the website. At all times your bank will verify that the method is secure and will provide you with a code to verify the transaction.

2. PayPal

There are two ways to pay through PayPal: 

- With your PayPal account
- Through PayPal's virtual payment gateway in which it is not necessary to have an account.

In both cases, both PayPal and Jamón Pasión will send you confirmation of payment.

Payment in instalments through PayPal is available.

3. Bank transfer

Follow the instructions given by the web if you have chosen bank transfer as payment method. The website will provide you with the bank account number belonging to Jamón Pasión (Porcus Sacris S.L) where you should make the payment.

Please, in the concept of the transfer note the order reference.

Normally transfers in Spain usually take between 24h or 48h to become effective. International transfers may take a few days longer.

You will be informed by e-mail that the payment has been accepted.