In the 1950s, our grandmother Margarita, who is now 93 years old, ran a small stall selling meat, sausages and pickles in the Municipal Market of a town in Barcelona called Mollet del Vallés. For many years he also set up and dismantled a stall every day, from Monday to Sunday, at the various street markets in the towns near Barcelona, until in the 1980s, he returned to his home town, Águilas, a beautiful fishing village surrounded by unspoilt beaches in the southeast of the peninsula. There he continued with his meat stall in the Mercado de Abastos, where there were always a few hams hanging.

Rare was the day that after leaving school, we didn't go to see yaya so that she could give us a snack, and of course, our eyes always went to the ham. At that time, the 80's, the time of our childhood, it was practically only Serrano ham that was sold in the small stalls, the Iberian hams were kept for special occasions, normally the Christmas holidays.

In 1996 our grandmother retired and closed down for good. Now we are the ones who bring ham to her house. 

We are a small company, but with great passion. Our greatest interest is to be able to bring together not only all those who are passionate about good food and this product, which is not only food, but also all those who enjoy good ham as an excuse to get together with their siblings, their cousins, their parents and above all, with that person who, when they saw us enjoying our snacks running around their small grocery stall, their eyes filled with joy and the 12 hours of daily work were worth it. 

Buy Spanish Hams Online

Jamón Pasión is a registered Spanish company, so we comply with all the regulations and legislation in force. In our online shop you can buy hams and shoulders with total guarantee, directly from suppliers selected by us, for which all our shipments are made directly from the factories of the producers distributed by different areas of Spain.

At no time do we store products or manipulate them, as both the Serrano hams and Iberian hams that we sell remain in the drying sheds of origin until the moment of purchase by our customers, where they remain at the perfect temperature and humidity for their maintenance. Away from high temperatures and hidden from direct sunlight.

Our team

As our business name expresses, we are passionate about gastronomy, the products of our land, our culinary tradition and, especially, hams. And it is with the same passion that we serve our customers to offer them the best possible experience. 

Noel, the older brother, is the Commercial Director of the company and is in charge of customer service, both through our online chat and by telephone or e-mail. Daniel, the younger brother, dedicated to web design and marketing. Both with a common goal: to try to bring a smile to the faces of all those who decide to trust us. Surely we will make mistakes sometimes and we apologise in advance, especially with people from other countries that sometimes communication is more difficult, but at all times we will be putting all our knowledge and best energy.