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Teruel and Ecological Hams Casa Conejos.

In our Ham Store , we sell Casa Conejos products. A drying room that has been producing hams in a natural way for 3 generations. This company is a pioneer in the Spanish organic meat sector, with organic livestock certification.

Within a privileged high mountain natural environment, Casa Conejos combines respect for the ecological values of slow production and quality , with the latest advances in certification and technological innovation of processes, in collaboration with research from several Spanish Universities.

PDO Teruel Pinalbar ham.

The only White Layer Ham with Protected Designation of Origin is the Teruel Ham. The other PDOs refer only to Iberian Hams. This means that they are subject, by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin, to very demanding quality and production requirements.

Casa Conejos makes, and Jamón Pasión gives you the opportunity to buy the Jamón de Teruel Pinalbar , made in Cedrillas at 1,400m. altitude, in an ideal climate for the entire production process.

Ecological Ham Casa Conejos.

Ecological agricultural production is carried out through optimal use of local resources , without the application of products of chemical synthesis; without artificial additives and seeking a sustainable, economically viable and socially fair agricultural development.

In general, organic agri-food production is understood to be those systems for obtaining food that respect the environment , preserve soil fertility, genetic diversity and promote animal welfare .

Buy Teruel and Organic Hams.

For Jamón Pasión it is a real pleasure to be a participant, putting organic hams for sale , of the authentic and committed task carried out by Casa Conejos for the animals and the environment.

In the Ham Online Store we offer you all this range of Casa Conejos Hams:

- PDO Teruel Pinalbar Ham

- Gimenta Gran Reserva Ham

- Duroc House Rabbit Ham

- 100% organic Ham Certified Casa Conejos

- 100% ecological Palette Certified Casa Conejos