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Buy Iberico Bellota Sausages - Spanish Deli【Jamón Pasión】

The most sought-after Iberian pigs from the Spanish dehesas are those that have a high purity of breed, are reared in the open air and are fed naturally. And they are not only used to produce hams and shoulders, but also sausages. Specifically, Bellota Iberian sausages, such as those you can buy on this page.

The best batches of Iberico pork Sausages and Pork Loins.

In this section you can buy spanish sausages and pork loins from a large selection of the best producers. Spanish salchichones from Giijuelo, Iberian loins from Jabugo, Iberian Morcones from Extremadura, etc.

We have several packs for your taste, among which you will find assortments of Salchichón, chorizo, morcón and loin in whole pieces, with a weight per piece of 1 kg (+ - 200 gr), or half pieces, with a weight of between 400- 600 gr. more or less.

We also have Vela, Cular and Herradura sausages formats.

In the online store, you have at your disposal a select range of acorn-fed Iberian sausages at the best price of excellent quality, since we are official distributors and we work directly with the producers, without intermediaries, which is reflected in the best price.

Enjoy the uniqueness of Bellota iberico delicatessen.

In addition to the privileged rearing of these pigs, what distinguishes Bellota Iberian cured meats is their intense flavour, which delights palates accustomed to strong tastes and aromas. This is what happens with the meat products you can find here, such as chorizos, loins, salchichones and other products, which come in a variety of formats and weights: candle, horseshoe, 1 kg, 400 gr, etc.

These sausages are ideal for tasting at leisure, and can be paired with the best breads, cheeses and wines, among other proposals. And the most demanding chefs will also know how to use these sausages in premium recipes. In any case, if you are satisfied with a slightly more modest quality, you can buy iberian sausages and cured pork loin without leaving our website.

The best Ibéricode Bellota cured meat quality-price ratio.

Jamón Pasión will not only convince you with the quality of our Bellota Iberian sausages, but also with their price: here you can buy these exquisite meat products for much less than in other conventional shops. The reason is very simple: we are official distributors who do not work with intermediaries. In other words, the batch of sausages you receive will arrive at your home directly from the producers' warehouses, which means significant cost savings.

We also have promotions and offers in our online shop, whatever the time of year. Thanks to this, you can choose cheap lots with very interesting discounts, which can be more than 20% of their usual price.

Despite our low prices, the Denominations of Origin present here are the most prestigious. We are talking, for example, about the DOP of Extremadura, a benchmark in the production of acorn-fed Iberian sausages of all categories. Or Los Pedroches, located in the heart of the province of Cordoba. Huelva and Guijuelo also have producers of the highest prestige, whose batches of cured meats are equally well represented in this catalogue.