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Online Spanish Serrano Pork Shoulders Store - Best Offer【Jamón Pasión】

Serrano Ham Shoulders

Buy Serrano Ham Pork Shoulders.

In this section of the shop you can find a selection of the best Serrano ham Shouldres of pork of high quality. Shoulders white pork, cured cured Duroc and pallets of Trevelez and Seron.

When you buy spanish pork shoulders to be aware that these have a higher percentage of fat than the jamones serranos, which is why its flavor is more intense.

Jamón Pasión online store.

We offer you a large selection of Pork shoulders from the same producers as hams, with which their quality is guaranteed.

We have Ham shoulders between 4 and 6 kilos from the best brands. You can buy 100% natural hams without additives, Gran Reserva de la Alpujarra shoulders and the exquisite Duroc pork shoulders.

For the most demanding, you will also find organic serrano hams certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.