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Buy Cheap Ham Holder and Ham Knife | Jamón Pasión

In this section of the online ham store we offer you various accessories to be able to taste your Ibericoham in the best conditions.

Professional ham holders and knives to take advantage of the cut as much as possible.

Utensils, especially good sharp knives, are essential to cut very thin slices without damaging the meat, so the Serrano ham will express its full potential.

A badly cut ham, with utensils in poor or unsuitable condition, will cause the meat of the ham not to offer its best qualities.

Now you can buy folding and rotating stainless steel ham holder. You can also buy ham knives , both the boner, to separate from the bone those areas that require it, such as the scapula; the widest kitchen knife for cleaning the crust and fat, and the one for cutting the slices. We also have manual sharpeners or sharpeners.