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Buy Boneless Spanish Ham Online at the Best Price | Jamón Pasión

Boneless Ham

Buy Spanish Ham Without Bone.

We select the best pieces of Boneless Ham with a perfect maturation directly from the producers and ranchers to guarantee our clients high quality hams. Starting from the same pieces that you can buy from whole Serrano and Iberian hams , we simply remove the bone, keeping the piece in its complete shape.

By removing the bone from the ham, it will obviously weigh considerably less. The weight that you will see reflected in the product is all meat, ready to cut and eat without any waste.

In the Jamón Pasión store , all our products are sent directly from the factory, so you can buy cheaper hams.

All the ham is vacuum packed and clean of skin and impurities, ready to taste. You will also have the option in some pieces of obtaining the boneless Serrano ham with the skin, so that you can clean it as needed.

The boneless Iberian hams come from the same pieces that you can buy with the bone. So you have a wide range of products at your disposal. From Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, to Iberian Cebo Ham.

Among them you can find Trevélez ham, made and cured in the Sierra Nevada National Park; Serrano Ham Señorío de las Cumbres and Jamones Baza, both made in the Sierra de Baza Natural Park. All of them 100% Natural hams .