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Buy Serrano and iberico Boneless Ham | Best Offer!

Both boneless serrano ham and boneless iberian ham are two magnificent kind of ham that you should absolutely try. In Jamón Pasión you can buy whatever piece of your favourite ham with unbeatable prices as our ham is sourced straight from our producers and farmers.

Buy Spanish Ham Without Bone.

We select the best pieces of Boneless Ham with a perfect maturation directly from the producers and ranchers to guarantee our clients high quality hams. Starting from the same pieces that you can buy from whole Serrano and Iberian hams, we simply remove the bone, keeping the piece in its complete shape.

By removing the bone from the ham, it will obviously weigh considerably less. The weight that you will see reflected in the product is all meat, ready to cut and eat without any waste.

In the Jamón Pasión store, all our products are sent directly from the factory, so you can buy cheaper hams.

All the ham is vacuum packed and clean of skin and impurities, ready to taste. You will also have the option in some pieces of obtaining the boneless Serrano ham with the skin, so that you can clean it as needed.

The boneless Iberian hams come from the same pieces that you can buy with the bone. So you have a wide range of products at your disposal. From iberico bellota Ham, to Iberian Cebo Ham.

Among them you can find Trevélez ham, made and cured in the Sierra Nevada National Park; Serrano Ham Señorío de las Cumbres and Jamones Baza, both made in the Sierra de Baza Natural Park. All of them 100% Natural hams .

Why buy a boneless ham?

Purchasing boneless ham from the Jamón Pasión store means receiving your ham directly from our factory, bypassing distributors and third parties, reducing costs for the consumer and ensuring you receive our premium quality hams in less time. Our boneless ham is of such high quality because we source it straight from its producers and farmers. For example, if you buy a boneless pork shoulder (or whatever part of ham) you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the same pieces as when you buy a full-size Serrano or Iberian ham – all we do is remove the bone, thus ensuring the ham itself keeps its original shape, just with less weight. 

Boneless Serrano Ham

Serrano ham is obtained from salting and air drying the hind legs of a pig, and it receives the name of “paleta” or “paletilla” when it is obtained from the front legs. The “serrano ham” nomenclature distinguishes it from cooked ham, also known as “sweet ham” or “York ham”, with a very different taste, appearance and preparation process, and it is known as “serrano” because of the custom of curing the ham in high places in the mountains, or “sierras”, where low temperatures naturally improve the curing process, leading to a premium quality final product and an enhanced taste in the palate.

Boneless Iberian Ham

Jamón Pasión’s range of boneless Iberian ham products come from the same pieces that you can buy with the bone, meaning that the full range of ham products is available, from acord-fed Iberian ham to Iberian Cebo ham, and all the varieties in between. Our hams are presented vacuum packed and free from skin and impurities – ready to taste and enjoy, by themselves or accompanied by other ingredients or a full-bodied glass of wine. For customers who wish to clean the ham at home, we also offer boneless Serrano ham with skin, so there really is something for everyone at our store.

Boneless Ham Prices

Our boneless ham comes in a wide variety of prices, with discounts available on our online store at Prices range from just €75.00 for our popular Boneless Serrano Ham “Señorío de las Cumbres”, all the way to our premium quality, 100% natural, additive-free, acorn-fed Boneless Ham “Majada” PDO Las Pedroches, priced at €309.00 (down €40.00 from €349.00). You will also find related products, such as a case for professional ham knives, priced at just €70.00 (down €18.00 from €88.00), and even a wooden ham holder, sold together with a “3 Claveles” steel ham knife. The price for the two items sold together is just €70.90 (down €16.00 from €86.90). Visit our store and buy  boneless pork shoulder for you today.