Boneless Trevélez Serrano Ham "Jamón Pasión" Red Label

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100% natural Serrano Ham from the Alpujarra

Trevélez Serrano Ham "Jamón Pasión" Red label is cured for more than 20 months in natural drying rooms in the Alpujarra of Granada, Sierra Nevada. Without additives or preservatives. Traditionally made hams with perfect maturation and intense flavour. Hams with Protected Geographical Identification PGI Trevélez.



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Trevélez Ham "Jamón Pasión"

In our online store of Serrano Hams we offer you an excellent artisanal product of world recognition from the Alpujarra Granadina. Serrano hams cured with the fresh air of the Sierra Nevada, regulating humidity and temperature manually, with the opening and closing of windows. Very good quality hams WITHOUT ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES. GLUTEN AND LACTOSE FREE. Its only ingredients are ham and sea salt.

The Serrano Hams "Jamón Pasión" PGI Trevélez have to meet a series of requirements that make them unique among other hams. The pieces are obtained from crossing white pigs of the Duroc breeds with Large-White and Landrace, obtaining pigs with 75% of the Duroc breed . These boneless ham legs are characterized by having a low percentage of salinity.

The entire production process of Serrano ham is done in Sierra Nevada, as required by the regulatory council of the Geographical Trevélez Identification.

When purchasing this serrano ham with more than 20 months of curing, you must bear in mind that it must always carry seals that guarantee that they are authentic and that they have passed the exhaustive quality tests of the PGI. In this case the label is Red and you can get them in weights of 4.5-5 kg. and 5-5.5 kg. They are presented vacuum packed.

We send you the carefully selected pieces one by one, directly from Sierra Nevada, where they remain in natural drying rooms at 1,500 meters of altitude.

Conservation of boneless Spanish ham

You will always get a high quality ham, since it is chosen, the bone, the rind and the most superficial fat are removed at the same time of purchase, so that you receive it at home in the best conditions.

When purchasing Legless Trevélez Ham "Jamón Pasión" Red label with more than 20 months of curing, you must keep it in the refrigerator at all times for its best conservation. Since it does not have bone, refrigeration is necessary. It is advisable to slice it while it is still cold so that it is easier to cut and then let it cool for 30 minutes before consuming it.

Always cover it with plastic wrap to prevent the meat from drying out in the refrigerator.

Tasting of boneless serrano ham

Jamón Pasión Trevélez boneless ham without preservatives is ideal for people who do not have space at home to hang a whole ham or have experience cutting ham directly from the leg.

With this format it is highly recommended to have an electric machine to cut sausages, especially as the piece becomes smaller. We offer you the ability to cut the ham once boned into 4 pieces and package them individually for better maintenance and to maintain the vacuum in the pieces that you are not consuming.

Please note that it is a leg of ham without bone or rind, so the entire piece is edible. You should not remove or clean anything.


Data sheet

Elaborated in:
Sierra Nevada National Park - Granada
Dry-Curing Time:
+20 meses
Breed of pig
White Pigs
Pork Ham and salt. 100% Natural, without additives or preservatives
Nutritional Values ​​per 100g of product:
Valor energético: 1230 KJ/295 Kcal. Grasas totales: 17.9 g. De las cuales Saturadas: 6.6 g. Hidratos de Carbono: 0.5 g. De los cuales azúcares: 0 g. Proteínas 33 g. Sal 3.9 g.
Sanitary Registration
RGSEAA: 10.09775/GR
Protected Geographical Identification
IGP Trevélez

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