100% Acorn-fed Iberico Pork Shoulder "Oro Viejo"

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100% Iberian acorn-fed Iberian pork shoulder

"Oro Viejo" Iberian shoulder ham from Huelva from pigs raised in freedom in the pasture and fed with acorns during the montanera season. Cured in natural dryers in Higuera de la Sierra, in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park.



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Acorn-fed Iberico shoulder "Oro Viejo"

The certified 100% Iberian Shoulders, are made from the front legs of pigs fed on acorns during the fattening season in the pastures of the family producers. Sourced from 100% Iberian breed pigs on both the maternal and paternal sides. Raised in the wild throughout their lives, where they travel hundreds of kilometers in search of food in the Sierra de Huelva. This very natural way of life and the daily exercise they do are responsible for the peculiar fat of acorn-fed jamon iberico, an intramuscular infiltration that gives each bite an unmistakable texture and flavor.

In our Iberico Spanish ham shop, we bet on products of the highest quality, and without a doubt, the 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork shoulder Oro Viejo is in our catalogue.

Buy "Oro Viejo" Iberian Shoulder

This piece of the Iberian pig is obtained from the front legs of the animal, which are much smaller than the hams (hind legs). They have an approximate weight between 4kg and 6kg and you can choose in sections of 0.5kg.

It should be taken into account that the yield of an acorn-fed Iberian shoulder is lower than that of hams, so you should calculate a use of around 30-35% of the total weight of the leg.

If you buy the acorn-fed Iberico ham shoulder online at the Jamón Pasión store, you will ensure that it is shipped from natural drying rooms, with minimal handling and in its natural environment, with the ideal temperature and humidity. And also, Shipping is Free in mainland Spain in 48/72h

Preservation at home of the Spanish ham

When buying the "Oro Viejo" Iberico bellota pork shoulder , you must remove the protective packaging and place it in a cool, dry place out of the reach of sunlight and heat-emitting appliances and appliances. Once started, you must protect the meat of the pork shoulder where the cut has begun with a layer of the initial fat from which it has been removed to preserve its unctuousness and drop a clean kitchen cloth on top. Always use suitable and well-sharpened utensils to obtain the best characteristics of Huelva ham.

This fantastic Iberian pork shoulder should start with the stifle, the narrow part of the piece that we observe with the hoof downwards, if it is going to be consumed in a period of 3/4 weeks, the opposite of the mace, the widest part and meaty if we put the hoof up, which is the one that will best be preserved during the tasting period thanks to the greater infiltration of fat from the Iberico Spanish ham.


Data sheet

Elaborated in:
Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche - Huelva - Spain
Dry-Curing Time:
Minimum 18 months
Breed of pig
100% Acorn-fed Ibérico - Pata Negra
Paleta de cerdo de bellota 100% ibérico, sal, azúcar, conservador (E-252), antioxidante (E-301) y corrector de acidez (E-331iii)
Iberian Certification:
Nutritional Values ​​per 100g of product:
KJ: 1850.53 - Kcal: 445.32 -Grasas 33.41 g. De las cuales saturadas 7.13 g. -Hidratos de carbono 0.1g.. De los cuales Azúcares 0.1g. -Proteínas 36.18 g. -Sal 4.02 g.
Sanitary Registration
RGSEAA 10.05493/H

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