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Boneless Serrano Ham.

Boneless Serrano Ham.

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In general, and being a tradition in Spain, it is usual to buy a whole piece with bone, but more and more boneless Iberico pork Shoulder is bought because of the practicality of its consumption, especially for the home. One of the reasons may be because you are not skilled at slicing it yourself and you do not get all the performance out of the ham. By going boned and clean, it is only cutting and eating; yes, the conservation method is different. Boning an Iberian ham has no consequence on its flavor or aroma, it is only a presentation in which the ham can be sold. Many brands of hams have the whole and boneless presentation for their Serrano and Iberian hams.

Conservation of boneless serrano ham.

The first thing you should know is that the procedure to make a boneless pork shoulder or ham is exactly the same as for a whole piece. In fact, what is done is to take a ham with leg ready for consumption and bone it at the same time that the customer chooses it. That is the traditional way and in which nothing is lost in the quality of the product, but you should also know that in large stores, these formats are already like this from the factory, and logically it is not the same to bone it at the moment, than a product serial deboning.

At the Jamón Pasión store, the boneless serrano ham of your choice will be removed from the bone, cleaned of skin and external fat at the same time, and then it will be vacuum packed to preserve all its properties.

The preservation of a boneless ham is different from one with a leg, since the bone holds the meat better and it is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator. In the case of a boneless format, when vacuuming, it does not need cold either, just keeping it in a place protected from light and heat sources is enough. But once started and out of the vacuum, then it is necessary to keep it in the refrigerator, and in this case, the consumption time is reduced, since when it is boneless, it dries faster.

Boneless Spanish ham format.

The most common formats are the V-cut boneless ham, without any other manipulation, keeping the outer crust; and the boneless ham, clean of rind and outlined, ready to eat.

The loss that a Serrano ham suffers once the bone is removed and the skin is cleaned is around 35% -40%, so from an 8 kg ham, approximately 4.5 kg will remain in one piece.

In boneless Iberico ham, the loss is even greater, being able to exceed 50% and even more so in Iberian shoulders, which, as you already know, still have more superfluous fat.

A clean 4 kg Iberian ham is a large piece of meat, which for domestic use may be too much, since once opened and lost the vacuum, its conservation is much less. For this reason, at Jamón Pasión you have the alternative of choosing that the chosen piece, once boned and cleaned, we vacuum-pack it into several separate pieces so that you can open only the EU that you are going to use and that the ham will last for months.

Types of boneless Iberico ham.

As I mentioned earlier, there are basically two formats. Boneless that keep the outer crust and those that are completely clean.

Actually, any Spanish whole ham that you choose can be boneless, regardless of whether it is serrano, Iberian or a pork shoulder.

The most common thing, especially in bars, is to buy boneless Serrano ham so that it can be sliced ​​by machine and made sandwiches, leaving the Iberian ham with bone, whole, to cut immediately, and these are generally acorn-fed hams.

It is relatively easy to find, above all, boneless cebo Iberian shoulders. First, because its weight will rarely exceed 2 kg and its consumption will be fast, and, on the other hand, as it has more fat than hams, it will stay juicy longer.

It is true that boneless ham maintains its properties very well, but cutting it at home at home, apart from the ritual that it entails, will always be slightly better, since the bone maintains its juiciness better.

Buy boneless Jamon online.

In passion ham we offer you to buy boneless serrano ham from the best brands and we send it home vacuum packed and if you want in several pieces so that you can consume it without haste.

You can find boneless Trevélez ham and a wide range of 100% natural Serrano hams, without additives, as well as high quality Iberian hams.

Among the Iberian you can buy boneless Iberico hams from Extremadura, from Los Pedroches, and the famous Benito Iberian hams.

The online store also offers you to choose a ham and slice it by hand, in a traditional way and packed in 100 gr sachets.

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