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Croquettes with Serrano ham and mushrooms

Croquettes with Serrano ham and mushrooms

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If there is one thing we Spaniards love about our gastronomy, it is croquettes. They can be prepared in a thousand different ways and flavours, but at Jamón Pasión we choose one: Serrano ham croquettes. This time we are going to add some mushrooms, whichever ones you like best.

At home we love croquettes and Serrano ham, so which are the best croquettes for us? Very easy, ham croquettes. A typical Spanish recipe, easy to make and you can make as many as you like and freeze them for future occasions.

Ingredients for the Serrano Spanish ham croquettes

250 grams of 100% natural cured ham from the Alpujarra or your choice.

250 gr of mushrooms 

1 medium sweet onion

2 tablespoons of flour

300 g of milk at room temperature

a pinch of salt. Please note that the Serrano ham is already salted.

a pinch of white pepper (optional)

a pinch of nutmeg (optional)

60 gr butter (you can also use virgin olive oil)

egg, flour and breadcrumbs to form the ham croquettes.

Virgin olive oil.

Preparation of the jamon serrano croquettes

First cut the ham into thin slices and then make small sticks with a knife, which would be a julienne (some people prefer to use a mincer, it is a choice). I recommend that you do not remove the fat from the ham, as it will add extra juiciness to the dough. Set aside.

Chop the mushrooms. Set aside.

Chop the sweet onion and set aside. 

I recommend that you first of all cook the mushrooms, as they will release water.

When the water has evaporated, add the onion and cook over a low heat until it caramelises; you will notice when it turns a dark caramel colour.

Now it is time to add the flour and stir well for a few minutes so that it does not remain uncooked and then add the milk, stirring constantly with a whisk until you obtain a béchamel sauce.

If you want to add nutmeg and white pepper, now is the time.

Some people cook the jamon serrano together with the mushrooms and onion, but I recommend that you add it at the end, as it will release more salt and the texture of the ham will be much harder.

Now you have the dough. Put it in a rectangular container and put cling film over the dough so that it doesn't dry out and leave it in the fridge, once it has cooled, for at least 4 hours.

Shaping the Serrano ham croquettes

Prepare three bowls. One with flour, another with beaten egg and the third with breadcrumbs.

Now all you have to do is form the balls, or if you prefer to give them a more elongated shape, dredge the portions lightly in flour, egg and finally the breadcrumbs and they are ready to fry in plenty of olive oil. There should always be enough oil to cover them completely, otherwise they will probably break.

In our Spanish ham shop, we have many varieties, and of course you can also make this recipe with Iberian ham, but on this occasion we have chosen a duroc ham, which without being Iberian has fat infiltrated into the meat, which gives it an extra texture and juiciness.

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