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Differences between Serrano Ham and Prosciutto.

Differences between Serrano Ham and Prosciutto.

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In Spanish gastronomy, and over time, cured ham has been one of the favorite foods for the population when it comes to shopping for Christmas or for a special occasion; however, serrano ham or Iberian ham are not the only cured pig feet that are marketed. In France, Germany or Italy, cured ham is also consumed, but the one that most resembles Serrano is the Parma Ham.

In this sense, there are several keys that you are going to learn here. Join us to know the characteristics of each of the cured hams, both Spanish and Italian ham.

Characteristics of Serrano Ham.

Before knowing the physical differences, flavor, texture and other distinctive signs, it is important to know that Serrano Ham is Spanish and prosciutto is Italian, and both go through a curing process.

The ham of our land is always cured with the leg, although once cured it can be boned and presented in that format.

The flavor of Spanish cured ham is more powerful and the texture of the meat is more cured thanks, precisely, to the fact that the bone is not removed and that gives it a more marked flavor and smell.

The breeds of white pig used in both hams are usually the same: Large-white, Landrace and Duroc.

Serrano ham Production Area.

The production areas are very extensive, since it is a traditional product that has always been made in family homes. Not many years ago, it was normal for many families to raise their pigs and make jamon serrano for their own consumption.

Today it continues to be done, but we are going to refer to the most well-known production areas that have been professionalized.

The most recognized are the Trevélez hams, which are characterized by their 100% natural curing, without any type of added additive and protected by the Jamón de Trevélez PGI.

In the same province of Granada, Baza hams also enjoy prestige and are also naturally produced.

Serrano de Serón hams, belonging to the PGI Jamón de Serón, located in the geographical area of ​​the Alpujarra of Almería.

The only ham made from white pigs that has a Protected Designation of Origin is the world-renowned Jamón de Teruel PDO.

Many are the farmers that produce Iberian hams that also offer very high quality Serrano hams such as Extremadura hams.

Actually, throughout the Spanish geography Serrano ham is made, especially in mountain areas, in small towns that enjoy the ideal climate for this delicacy.

Prosciutto characteristics.

The most representative thing about Italian cured ham is that it is fully or partially deboned before its curing process, and in many areas it is cooked in wine, "prosciutto cotto" with which it is no longer a cured ham. The leg of this ham is more rounded and flattened as it lacks bone.

Its texture is more humid, precisely because it uses wet salt in its preparation, unlike the Serrano ham that uses sea salt.

On the palate, Italian ham has more sweetness than Spanish.

Prosciutto production areas.

The prosciutto production areas are mainly related to Tuscany and Emilia, but the most renowned are the hams from Parma and those from Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Several regions have their own protected designations of origin, whose requirements do not generally require hams from free-range pigs, unlike Iberian acorn-fed hams and Iberian cebo de campo, where the regulations stipulate that free-range pigs must be.

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