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Sea bass stuffed with Spanish ham

Sea bass stuffed with Spanish ham

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A spectacular recipe of sea and land. Serrano ham and Mediterranean sea bass, the perfect match. Healthy Spanish cuisine to enjoy this summer with a good cured ham and fresh fish. A super easy recipe within everyone's reach. Obviously if you prefer to use an Iberian ham or pork shoulder, you can do it, but with a good Serrano ham like the ones we have in our online Spanish ham shop, it will be perfect for you.

Serrano ham and fish, the perfect match.

Although Serrano ham is usually eaten on its own, accompanied by bread and a good olive oil, the truth is that it goes very well in a multitude of Spanish recipes.

Ham goes very well with this type of fish, in this case sea bass, but you can also use trout, turbot or cod. Choose the fish you like best, the preparation will be the same.

Seabass with Spanish Ham Recipe

Ingredients for 4 PAX:

  • Two large sea bass
  • Eight slices of Serrano ham
  • Two large cloves of garlic
  • 10 g fresh parsley
  • Extra virgin olive oil


The easiest thing to do is to ask the fishmonger to clean the sea bass well and leave the backs boneless, but if you are good at it, you can do it yourself. I recommend that you leave the head on, as it will give the roast more flavour thanks to the juices it gives off.

Now it is very simple: put the garlic and parsley together with the virgin olive oil in a blender until the ingredients are well integrated and add a little salt. Set aside.

Next, place two of the sea bass fillets on the baking tray, skin side down; spread a little of the garlic and parsley mixture on the fillets and place the slices of Serrano ham on top. Now just cover with the other two fillets, this time with the skin side up, and pour the rest of the oil and garlic over the sea bass.

It is advisable to tie the two sea bass together with kitchen string so that they keep their shape. Now just put them in the pre-heated oven for 12 minutes at 200ºC.

Serve this delicious stuffed fish with Serrano ham with a fresh salad of your choice.

Which Spanish ham to use for the recipe.

In this sense there is no one better than another, it depends on your personal taste. It will be equally good with a ham or shoulder ham, either Serrano or Iberian.

At Jamon Pasion, the online Spanish ham store, we offer you a wide variety of products to prepare your recipes, both Serrano ham and Iberian ham; even packets of sliced and vacuum-packed ham to make it easier for you. If you prefer to use a serrano ham shoulder, it is also a good choice.

As you can see, Serrano ham can be used in many culinary preparations, such as in this internationally famous cold soup that we eat so much in summer, Salmorejo.

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