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Teruel Ham: The best-selling Protected Designation of Origin in Spain.

Teruel Ham: The best-selling Protected Designation of Origin in Spain.

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As you well know, in Spain there are five Protected Denominations of Origin for Hams. Four for the Iberian hams and one for the Serrano ham from white pigs. Teruel ham is the best-selling ham with a differentiated quality seal PDO in our country ...

The ham engraved by fire with the emblematic 8-pointed star, wins by a landslide over the other four PDOs that exist in Spain regarding cured hams, awarding more than 60% of the commercialization in hams with a differentiated quality seal in 2020, occupying second place the Jamón de Trevélez, which in this case is protected by the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) seal.

If you want to know the differences between the PDO and PGI quality seals, I'll tell you about it in this article

Characteristics of PDO Teruel Serrano Ham.

The first and most important characteristic is that PDO Teruel ham is 100% linked to the territory of its province. All the stages of its production, from pig farming to the product suitable for consumption, are carried out in Teruel, a process required by the relevant regulatory council, which allows absolute control of the entire process.

The province of Teruel is famous for the quality of its pork products and especially its hams and pork shoulders, with orographic characteristics and a climate that are ideal for the natural curing process of Serrano ham.

From the Teruel PDO they boast of having the best ham in the world obtained from white pigs.

In the Denomination of Origin, Teruel cured hams and shoulders are obtained from pigs of the best quality breeds, specifically from Duroc, Landrace and Large White. They are raised in the province and fed with select fodder such as wheat, barley or corn, grown mainly in fields in their territory.

Where to find authentic Teruel Spanish Ham.

You can find a DOP Teruel Ham in many specialized stores, but not in supermarkets or normal butchers. It is marketed throughout the peninsula and the important thing is that it bears the quality seal that guarantees that it is an authentic Teruel Serrano ham.

Apart from the label with the corresponding stamp, all hams must be engraved on their skin with the 8-pointed Mudejar star. If it doesn't, forget it, it's not authentic even if I put it on the label.

Buy Teruel ham Online.

From Jamón Pasión we offer you the opportunity to buy Teruel Pinalbar ham at the best price directly from the factory in Cedrillas, (Teruel), where the pieces rest in natural drying rooms under perfect conditions.

You can get it from 7 kg to 9 kg with its seal and the eight-pointed star engraved with fire that guarantee and certify that it is authentic Teruel ham.

We work with one of the oldest dryers in the province, Jamones Casa Conejos, located in Cedrillas at more than 1,500 m. altitude. From there, under the ideal climate for its conservation, we send you directly so that you can fully enjoy all its wonderful properties.

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