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What type of Spanish ham holder to buy?

What type of Spanish ham holder to buy?

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Today I am going to explain what type of ham holder or ham stand you can buy to use at home without having to spend a lot of money. There are many different shapes and prices, but what you need to look for is a practical, comfortable ham stand that can be cleaned well after use; it must be firm and stable so that when cutting the ham it doesn't move or slip.

Different types of ham stands

There are ham stands of all colours, of various sizes and basically of two materials: stainless steel, which are the most hygienic, and wood, which are the most popular for domestic use.

In terms of shape, we can find horizontal ones, which are the ones I recommend, and vertical ones.

Vertical supports for carving Iberian or Serrano ham are usually used in places where there is little space, but the truth is that they are not at all comfortable when it comes to removing slices of ham. In itself, it is already an art to cut a Spanish ham well, to do it with the piece in this position is going to be much more difficult.

You can also find folding ham holders. What folds up is the arm, losing all the height, and this is going to be very practical when it comes to storing it.

And lastly, among the most common ham stands, and which is very interesting, is that the head of the arm, where the hoof is placed, is rotating. Even the tilting arm. This way you won't have to loosen the stop every time you need to give it a different cutting angle or turn the ham around.

Price of a Serrano ham holder

You can spend as much money as you want, from a simple ham holder to get out of a jamonero for 20€, but which will do the job, to a professional cutting table that can go up to more than 1000€.

If you only buy Serrano ham for Christmas or special occasions, it is not necessary to invest a lot in this accessory, or if you prefer Iberian or Serrano shoulders. For this, having an inexpensive wooden ham holder is enough, as the weight to be supported and the size of the piece is much smaller.

However, if you usually buy Iberian hams, which are much longer or Serrano hams of considerable weight, I recommend a more robust and larger ham holder. And if you like cutting ham or you often have a ham at home, the rotating head is an accessory that you will love. And they are not expensive either. You can get a stainless steel ham holder with a good base, foldable, with a rotating and tilting head, for less than 100€.

Buy Online Spanish ham stands

In our online shop, in the ham accessories section, you can find 4 models, from the basic iberian ham holder at an unbeatable price to the most complete. Made of stainless steel, wood or mixed, where the base is made of wood and the arm of steel. 

All of them have a super reduced selling price and the best thing is that all models include a knife and sharpener set.

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