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100% Natural Boneless Spanish Ham

Boneless Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham handcrafted from the whole leg of ham. Cured in La Alpujarra from Granada without any type of preservative. 100% natural product. Reduced salt content.



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Preparation of boneless Iberian ham

The Iberian Cebo de Campo ham "Jamones de Juviles" is obtained from the entire leg of ham from which the bone and the outer fat are removed, along with any impurities and oxidized areas that may be present due to the natural curing process. . The process of boning the ham is done just before being sent by highly qualified personnel, so when purchasing the boneless Iberian ham, a whole piece is chosen by the master ham maker, the bone is removed, and once clean, it is vacuum packed so that it preserves all the flavor, texture and characteristic aroma of a very good quality Iberian ham.

Buy boneless Iberian Cebo de Campo ham "Jamones de Juviles"

The 50% Iberian Cebo Field Ham, made in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park , is cured for a minimum of 24 months in natural drying rooms, where temperature and humidity are regulated manually by opening and closing windows.

A piece made from crossing 100% Iberian pigs on the maternal side and 100% Duroc pigs on the paternal side, which guarantees excellent quality and a characteristic marbling, giving the meat excellent juiciness.

The pigs destined to obtain Iberian field bait hams are fed with natural resources present in the fields and raised throughout their lives in the open air , where they exercise daily and consequently form meat with a higher fat infiltration than contributes to a tastier and juicier Iberian ham.

This Iberian ham from the Alpujarra is sent directly from Sierra Nevada, where they remain in the natural ham drying rooms at the ideal temperature and humidity at more than 1,500 meters above sea level, so handling is minimal from the drying room to your home.

Boneless Iberian ham from the Alpujarra

The boneless Cebo de Campo ham "jamon de Juviles", within the categories of Iberian hams, is distinguished by its green flange , a plastic label located on the hoof that certifies, by law, the quality and feeding of the pig. Iberian meat destined for the production of these pieces.

The Iberian Alpujarra hams that Jamón Pasión has in its catalog are all 100% natural, without additives, gluten or lactose free, which gives them extra quality.

Conservation of boned ham

When you receive the boneless 50% Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham "Jamones de Juviles" at home, you must keep it at a temperature of between 5 and 6 degrees , since as it is devoid of bone and rind, the conservation method is different than the of a whole ham with leg and needs a lower temperature.

The expiration date is quite long, but once opened, it is advisable to consume it within a month. You have the option of purchasing boneless Iberian ham vacuum -packed in several pieces so you can open the packages as necessary.

When eating, it is preferable to cut it cold for better handling, and once cut, let it rest for 20 minutes so that the slices reach room temperature and express all their flavor.


Data sheet

Elaborated in:
Juviles - Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada - Granada
Dry-Curing Time:
Minimum 24 months
Breed of pig
50% Ibérico - 50% Duroc
Jamón de cerdo 50% ibérico y sal. 100% Natural
Iberian Certification:
CERTICALIDAD: 11845200120210528
Produced by:
Jamones de Juviles
Nutritional Values ​​per 100g of product:
352 Kcal (1465 Kj) Grasas 24 gr. Ácidos grasos saturados 8.6 gr. Hidratos de Carbono 0gr - De los cuales Azúcares 0gr. Proteínas 33 gr. Sal 3,9 gr.
Sanitary Registration
RGSEAA: 10.09775/GR
Cebo de Campo: Wild grasses present in the field, cereals and legumes

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