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    <h2>Buy Serrano Ham, Iberico Ham and Delicatessen.</h2> <p>In this section you can <strong>buy Serrano hams</strong>, Iberian hams and cured shoulders: <strong>Pata Negra Iberico Ham</strong>; Acorn-fed Iberian Ham. Serrano de Trevélez hams, <strong>chorizo</strong>, salchichón and Iberian loin</p> <p>Here you will find all the producers and designations of origin: <strong>Jamón Ibérico</strong> de Guijuelo, Jabugo, Los pedroches, Salamanca. Seron's hams; as well as 100% <strong>Duroc Serrano hams</strong>.</p> <p>All the shipments we make from the <strong>online ham store</strong> are cheap.</p> <p>At Jamón Pasión we are committed, it could not be otherwise, with the sale of the <strong>best quality hams</strong>.</p> <h2>Online Spanish Ham Store</h2> <p>At<strong></strong> you have the possibility of <strong>buying organic hams</strong> without 100% natural additives.</p> <p>Sending them directly from the mountain in the natural drying rooms, you can get <strong>cheaper Spanish hams</strong>.</p> <p>You will also find <strong>Serrano hams sliced ​​and vacuum packed</strong> in envelopes to get the most out of it, because sometimes if you do not have experience in cutting you can waste a lot of meat. </p>
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