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What is a Protected Designation of Origin Spanish ham?

What is a Protected Designation of Origin Spanish ham?

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PDO is a seal of differentiated quality in the European Union based on the origin of the product and certifies that the quality and characteristics belong to a specific geographical area, and that all the stages: preparation, production, packaging, etc., must be from the same geographical environment. In this case, both the pigs must be reared and fed in the same specific geographical area, as well as the subsequent production of the Iberian ham in all its stages.

PDO cured hams in Spain

In our country only 5 cured hams have the European PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) quality seal. Four of them are Iberian hams: PDO Jabugo Ham, PDO Dehesa de Extremadura Ham, PDO Guijuelo Ham and PDO Los Pedroches Ham, belonging to the geographical areas of Huelva, Extremadura, Salamanca and Cordoba respectively.

Only one ham made from non-Iberian pigs bears this seal of differentiated quality, and that is the Jamón de Teruel PDO with its emblematic eight-pointed star engraved on all its pieces.

Characteristics of Spanish Protected Designation of Origin hams

As we have explained above, they must meet a series of requirements laid down by the regulatory council of the different designations.

Broadly speaking, this seal guarantees that everything related to the product is subject to the same geographical area. Furthermore, that particular area has the characteristic that the quality is associated with the natural factors characteristic of the geographical environment.

Not only must the pigs be reared and fed within that area, but the whole process through which they are subjected until they are marketed (slaughter, cutting, salting, washing, salt balance, drying and maturation) must also be produced in the same geographical area.

All this is subject to strict rules regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment.

Geographical areas of PDO Iberian Ham

PDO Jabugo Iberian Ham is produced in the province of Huelva, in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park (Biosphere Reserve). And in our online ham shop you can buy one of the best 100% Iberian DOP Jabugo "SUMMUM" acorn-fed ham, totally natural, without additives.

The PDO Dehesa de Extremadura iberico jamon, both the area of production, elaboration as well as the breeding and fattening phase are constituted by the dehesas based on holm oaks and/or cork oaks, present in the totality of the municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura.

PDO Guijuelo Spanish iberian ham is produced from Iberian pigs reared in 78 municipalities located in the south-east of Salamanca in the heart of the Salamanca dehesa, at the confluence of the Béjar and Francia mountain ranges.

PDO Los Pedroches Natural Iberian Ham, both the breeding, fattening and the subsequent stages of ham production (quartering, curing, maturing, etc.), are carried out in the Dehesas del Valle de los Pedroches, located in the north of the province of Cordoba.

This Denomination of Origin is becoming more and more famous thanks to the high quality of its hams and in which the vast majority of producers are betting on a 100% natural ham, without preservatives or colourings.

At Jamón Pasión you can buy Los Pedroches PDO ham at the best price online.

Geographical area of PDO Jamon Serrano Teruel

Teruel ham, the only product from white breed hams, is subject to the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

The production area is located exclusively in the province of Teruel. Likewise, production is carried out in those municipalities in the province of Teruel whose average altitude is not less than 800 metres above sea level, provided that the drying shed is at an altitude of 800 metres above sea level or higher.

If you like Serrano ham from Teruel, you can take a look at our Pinalbar PDO Teruel ham.

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