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Jamones Ibéricos Capa Negra

Iberian Hams and Shoulders Capa Negra


We recommend you to have a look at the Iberian hams with the best quality/price ratio in this section.

Iberian Products from Jabugo Capa Negra

When buying Iberian Hams and Shoulders Capa Negra from the Jabugo consortium, you should know that all their products come from pigs with exceptional genetics, and are classified into 3 varieties according to the type of diet:

  1. Acorn-fed Iberian pigs: Ham and shoulder obtained from specimens raised in freedom and fed exclusively on acorns and wild grasses.
  2. Iberian Cebo de Campo Pigs: Ham and Shoulder obtained from free-range specimens fed on pastures and cereals.
  3. Iberian Cebo Pigs: Ham and Shoulder from pigs fed mainly on pastures and cereals (formerly known as recebo).

Consorcio de Jabugo, the winery that produces the Capa Negra brand, makes the hams and shoulders that you can buy in our Jamón Pasión online store, in an artisanal and natural way, with careful care in all its stages and without adding artificial products, obtaining products high quality Iberian . In its preparation, the only ingredients are pork, salt and selected spices.