Free Iberian Chorizo ​​when you buy an acorn-fed ham.

For the purchase of an acorn-fed Iberian ham, whatever the price or weight of the piece, Jamón Pasión gives you a piece of Iberian chorizo. Depending on the manufacturer and availability, it will be given with acorn-fed Iberian chorizo ​​or Iberian chorizo.

Products associated with the promotion:

Iberian hams from Casa Benito, both with the main commercial brand and with the "Tesoro" brand.

Iberian Ham "Altanza Jabugo".

Iberian Hams "JamónRey".

Hams PDO Jabugo SUMMUM "Lazo".

5 Jotas hams.

Iberian hams PDO Los Pedroches.

All gifts are associated only to the products mentioned, and these to the stock of the product. If at any time we do not have stock in any of the hams or shoulders or a specific weight range, logically, the gift will not be feasible and they cannot be associated with another product.

In no case, the gift, being a totally free product, will be subject to the Return Policy.