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Guijuleo Stanislao hams.

The Stanislao DOP Guijuelo Hams and Shoulders are obtained from 100% Iberian pigs raised in the open air and fed on pastures and acorns in the "Sierra de Francia" (Salamanca), a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Artisan Iberian products with centuries-old tradition.

Buy Hams with Protected Designation of Origin Guijuelo

To speak of Ibérico de Guijuelo is to refer to the area with the most traditional pork meat tradition in the Iberian Peninsula. Hams and shoulders cured in fresh and pure air in natural wineries in the mountains that allows a much slower curing process than anywhere else and that gives the products a truly exceptional Flavor, Aroma and Texture. offer you to buy the best Iberian hams , and these exquisite handcrafted hams could not be missed.

In our Online Store we offer you the 100% Iberico Stanislao Acorn-fed Ham and the 50% Iberico Stanislao Cebo Country Ham.