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Jamones de Serón


We recommend you to visit Trevélez spanish hams. Serrano hams with Protected Geographical Identification made in Sierra Nevada (Granada) and totally free of additives.

Serrano hams and shoulders from La Alpujarra Almeriense.

Serón , a town in the Alpujarra Almeriense with a centuries- old ham tradition , located in the Sierra de los Filabres and presided over by the Altas Cumbres de Sierra Nevada, offers the best environment and weather for the production of some of the best 100% natural Serrano hams.

Serón Ham: Guaranteed Traditional Specialty.

When we talk about " Jamones de seró n" we are not just talking about flavor. We are talking about a long history (started in 1880) and years of ancestral experience in the art of making hams. We are talking about the town: Serón, the cradle of Serrano ham in the Sierra Almeriense where we take advantage of the benefits of an ideal climate for natural healing. We are talking about a tradition that lasts through generations, preserving the secrets of its artisan production.

In our Serrano Hams online store we offer you some excellent world-renowned artisan products from the Alpujarra Almeriense . Hams and shoulders that are cured by the fresh air of the Sierra de los Filabres, regulating humidity and temperature just by opening and closing windows.

Serrano de Serón hams, certified with the ETG ( Traditional Specialty Guaranteed ), have to meet a series of requirements that make them unique among other hams. The pieces are obtained from crosses of Duroc pigs, the best breed of white pig that is characterized by its ability to infiltrate fat into the muscle and the only white breed that can be crossed, by law, with Iberian pigs. Serón Hams must have a low percentage of salinity.

Buy Serrano Ham from Serón

In Jamón Pasión you can buy Serrano de Serón Ham at the best price in these three variants:

-Jamón de Serón Selection 1880 Duroc Breed

-Jamón de Serón Gran Reserva +16 months of curing

-Jamón de Serón Reserva +12 months of curing

-Paleta de Serón Gran Reserva +12 months of curing