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We recommend one of the best 100% natural acorn-fed iberico hams with no additives in this section.

Joselito Gran Reserva Ham

Talking about Joselito Iberico Hams, is talking about one of the best hams in the world. Hams with fat infiltrate with a higher proportion than most, giving it more smoothness and flavor. Iberian products with long natural curing (more than 36 months) and requiring little salt, obtaining slightly sweet pieces, with a powerful aroma and mild flavor.

Joselito pig: feeding and breeding in Natural pastures

In our online Spanish hams store you can easily buy the best Joselito Iberico Ham legs with full guarantee and advice. Pigs that live freely in their natural habitat and feed naturally in the pastures based on acorns and wild herbs. The diet, based on the acorn, allows more than 54% of the fat in its meat to be oleic acid; Furthermore, this fruit contains vitamin E and other highly beneficial fats for health, elements that make the Jamon iberico from Guijuelo a natural antioxidant. During the aging process, which is around 2 years old, they have 3 hectares of forest and meadow for their recreation.

Buy the best Joselito ham in the world.

When it comes to buying Joselito Gran Reserva hams and pork shoulders in our online store you have to know that this product has the title of the best ham in the world .

After a slight salting process, considering that the pieces are considered slightly sweet, they are taken to the natural drying rooms where the ham is sweated and causes the fat to melt and penetrate the muscle fibers. In autumn they are taken to the natural cellars underground, where they remain for several years until achieving a perfect quality.

100% natural Iberian products, without additives or preservatives.